Batman Begins


Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/A Guy who looks good in a rubber suit
Michael Caine as Alfred aka the butler with the accent that sounds fake but isn’t
Liam Neeson as a guy whose name is so forgettable but facial hair that isn’t
Gary Oldman as Lieutenant Gordon (we all know he will get promotion up the butt right?)
Cillian Murphy as Dr Crane/A villain that actually sort of creeped me out
Katie Holmes (yep the one dating the dwarf) as Joey Potter…oops, I mean Rachel Dawes

Wow, this movie was really good. I was a bit doubtful after my nan called me on the way to the cinema and told me that Andrew (my younger brother) had liked it, mostly because he liked a whole series of films that I have been unable to watch the whole way through (eg Blade II, Terminator 3) and didn’t like a load that I did (eg PoA, Sin City). Luckily I was disappointed about the current trend, and loved it.

Joey, I mean Katie, played the character that we knew and either loved or hated in Dawson’s Creek, a self-righteous annoyance that I found myself wishing hadn’t shared my name, although hearing the Caped Crusader say “Rachel” a few times did my ego no harm. She was constantly on his back to make him better, which I think would have been better coming out of the mouth of someone who didn’t resemble the girl who is currently using “The Cruise” as a publicity relationship (I am still so cynical about that, I am sorry, but Mr Cruise you have fallen in love with so many women so quickly that I think you need help).

Michael Caine played the classic “Cockney”. It is the first time I have seen Alfred as a cockney, and still I see him as the well-spoken man in my head. But he is a good actor and made the part believable and that is really all that counts at the end of the day.

CB…how many complimentary things can I say about him. I love him…love love love him. I have followed his career since “Empire of the Sun”. I remember going to see that with a group of friends when it came out (he’s almost the same age as me), and cried. It was not normally my sort of movie, but as a very young girl I had a huge crush on CB that resurfaced again when I saw him in the gross-out “American Psycho”, his body, wow! Now, onto the more serious issue I had, the costume. Why did they have to squash his face up so much? The mask would have looked about 1000% better if they hadn’t squashed his face up so that he looked like he had extra flab on his face and chin. Perhaps they will improve that for the next movie.

The fight scenes were wonderful, brilliantly choreographed and not at all over done, as were the special effects; explosions, cool cars, etc. He was made out to be human, not imbued with special powers, just a desire for justice, we got to see the ‘science’ behind the man.

I found it very interesting that they moved away totally from the scarred features, industrial accidents and freakish occurrences, keeping it very much down to earth (well, as down to earth as a fantasy film can be), the criminals had criminal minds, weren’t distorted, used manmade and natural items to ensure their identities were protected and it was twisted.

Cillian Murphy as Dr Crane, now he really was creepy, I think it was the eyes that did it, were they contacts that made his eyes so yellowish, greenish, blueish? Whatever effect they used it was very convincing, and worked to make him look almost like an angel (he has a pretty angelic face).

Tom Wilkinson, his casting was ‘different’ and that is all I am going to say about him.

Gary Oldman, barely recognised him at all, he looked so old, so done that the only thing I noticed was the line where they had pasted on his hairpiece (and if you look hard enough you can see it).

I think that the thing I will take away from this is that it doesn’t have to look cheap, unrealistic, cardboardy to be a good comic book movie. The setting was very good, it didn’t look like the Gotham of the other Batman movies, it had a more “New York” feel to it, and I liked that. I have to admit that I didn’t feel as though I was going to a comic book movie at all.

Well, all in all 1.75 thumbs up – it would have been 2, but for the gross misconduct of the face mask, and Joey Potter’s all too unwelcome appearance.

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