Strange days

Well, it’s my third day on my own, internet is severely limited (bro-in-law’s dial up is also 4p a minute) so I am doing something I haven’t done for a while and typing up my entry before logging on and posting it.

I don’t have much news, although I have to say that I am finding it very strange being in an empty house. I get home and there is no conversation, in fact it is possible that if I didn’t speak to myself (as I am wont to do quite often) the house would be silent except for the television. I have a few programmes that my sister and Paul (the hubby) asked me to tape, so I am writing this while something is on that I can’t stand watching (the first programme of the week for me starts at 9 – it’s only 8.15 right now.

Last night (the second night in the house) I found it virtually impossible to sleep. I was fine all the time the computer was humming in the background and the tv was on in the lounge, but the minute I turned everything off I found it impossible. I ended up listening to Harmonium (a hypnosis therapy CD) on my mp3 player until I drifted off again…I am going to have to try and sleep better because work is hectic right now. I have now officially been told something that I have already known for over a week (that Hazel isn’t coming back into the office), but I was also told (after the revelation that there have been a spate of rather high profile redundancies across our five main sites) that they aren’t going to recruit anyone to replace her, and also I am now expected to train someone up in another office (over the phone no less)…all in all it’s been a fun week so far!!! <—sarcasm

While I was in with Emma (who has just returned from our only meeting this year) she mentioned that it had been said that Hazel just "couldn't cut it" their words not mine. I liked having someone to sit with, to talk to (in the days before the dragon dictated that we were no longer allowed to converse) and to generally feel companionable with in the office, now it's too much like a prison, and I am one of the solitary prisoners…it's got to change, right?

Well, not much else to say, but I will try and update more often with news of what is going on…not that anything really ever does happen in the un-interesting soap opera that is my life. One thing that I have done for the last two days though is actually get some writing done! I have managed to write four pages of a fic. I also managed to write a few pages of a smutty scene for my original (it's nothing too graphic, but it is something that I have, strangely enough, missed writing.

Well, this is me signing off until tomorrow (not Thursday as I am going to see Batman Begins – I hope, this is of course guaranteeing my friend manages to get the tickets for preview night!).

2 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. Hello hello! I’m this much closer to you! LOL. Can’t wait to talk to you when I get back. I have many funny stories…including one accidental nude beach and very hot Greek boys.


    1. hey…can’t wait to hear all about it – and can’t wait to get home…as much as I thought I would love the solitude, it’s really getting to me now, I want my own bed, my own wonderful DVD collection and my fabulous 2meg broadband…oh how I miss it…

      Wonderful to hear from you 🙂 hope you keep enjoying the vacation, you deserve it.


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