I was tagged – book meme

I was tagged by riverchic1998, so I figured I may as well try and fill the thing in…it is after all about books, my biggest passion!

So here are my answers:

1. Total number of books I own:
The last time I counted I had over 1500, I have bought 7 books this week!

2. Last book I bought:
Snow White and the Seven Samurai by Tom Holt – needed something funny to read as work is so stressful

3. Last book(s) I read:
I am in the process of reading “The Opal Deception” by Eion Colfer (the fourth book in the Artemis Fowl series)

4. Five books that mean a lot to me:
a) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There is something about the book that I really enjoy reading, in fact I read it at least once a year, Darcy is the first male character I fell in love with.
b) The Changeover by Margaret Mahy. A classic among young adult books. The story of Laura Chant and Sorensen Carlisle is a feel good one, filled with supernatural aspects, and Carmody Braque is actually a really creepy villain.
c) Easy Connections by Liz Berry. It’s one of those books that I like although I have no idea why. The story of Cathy who is attacked and left pregnant by popstar Paul Devlin (I even named one of my teddy bears Devlin), a tormented man who has many unhealthy addictions. I think you need to read it to see what I see in it because my description does it no justice at all.
d) A Room with a View by EM Forster. A classic amongst classics, the film is good, but the book is even better. Another feel good book that I read at least once a year.
e) Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I figured I had better put a book in here that I enjoyed and wasn’t either one of the oldest books in my collection or one that I had read so many times I had had to replace it about 5 times (well Easy Connections I actually have had to sellotape together because it’s out of print).

Tagging people…this isn’t easy:


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