Here’s a story….

…about an idiot, who goes by the fine name of Raye (to be sung to the tune of the “Brady Bunch”…

I have book club once a month, and I was hurrying yesterday to get things done at work so that I could make it to the library in time. So I got all my work done, had a meeting about my appraisal (something that I really can’t be arsed with right now) and ran full pelt to the library intent on attending book club even though I hadn’t read the book.

Book club is the FIRST Tuesday of every month, yesterday was the LAST Tuesday of May. Somewhere my brain had registered that as the LAST day of the month, yesterday was payday, but it failed to recognise that as the LAST day of the month it was also the LAST Tuesday of the month, not the FIRST, which comes next week.

So picture it. I am running down to the meeting rooms where the book club is held, pull on the door only to find it locked. So what do I do? I only go up to the main part of the library. It is only when I am standing there and see my bus go by that I realise that as payday it is still May, and as it is still May it’s not the First Tuesday of the month, and that as such, there is no bookclub.

Thus endeth the tale of an idiot who wasn’t thinking properly and now has even more time to read a book that is so awful it makes certain HP authors who will remain nameless (who submitted their crap several times to Obscurus citing betas who also obviously couldn’t write anything resembling English) look like Shakespeare.

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