Bloody Buggering Hell

Well I woke up this morning thinking “Crap, work…” and then I opened my eyes. I don’t know if I mentioned it on my lj before, but last Thursday, when I was wiping some dust out of my eyes I somehow managed to dig the corner of a rather sharp finger nail into it, now my eye is throbbing, sore and painful…great! So after phoning my doctor (useless) and an optometrist (even worse than useless) I have resigned myself to the fact that I can continue to suffer through it and potentially do damage to my already not brilliant eyesight, or I can head down to the waiting room from hell at A&E…knowing that I need my eyes has me waiting to speak to my line manager to tell her that I am leaving.

And now to the ‘work’ portion of this update. I HATE my job! Yep, that’s right, it is now in capital letters! I got in this morning to find that my line manager wants a meeting with me about my appraisal (only 6 months early!)…apparently this is routine and having the big big boss in the appraisal is perfectly normal. Does she think I came down with the last rainshower (which was at about 4am this morning btw)? Having the boss of my boss’s boss in the meeting does not bode well, it is NOT routine, nor is it something that I am looking forward to.

So as I sit here pondering what else I could have possibly done wrong in the time between leaving work on Thursday evening (because apparently thinking is a bad thing and I did that on Thursday morning) and arriving in the office this morning (Tuesday) something went belly up that I was potentially put in charge of (although I can’t for the life of me think what).

I was very close, this morning, to calling in sick, I don’t want to be here, and it’s only because someone actually asked me nicely to do something that I actually bothered opening my eyes again after I realised how painful my left eye (which is also the one that ALWAYS causes me problems) was.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think that the appraisal (yearly/six monthly review) with the ‘Big Boss’ is a bad thing? My colleague (fellow secretary and co-emailer in the office) is having her review this Thursday and her’s is also with the boss and the ‘Big Boss’ – she actually confronted Line Manager boss on Friday to ask what it was all about, and was given a cock and bull story which I don’t believe for a minute about how it was perfectly routine, nothing was wrong, but it was a very formal review. Pardon me if I think she is talking a load of shit, and am looking even more avidly for a new job…applied for one and put my CV out there with the agencies over the weekend, hopefully it will come to something sometime soon…Perhaps in my appraisal I will be able to hand my notice in (although I doubt it).

ETA: Get this, have an infection courtesy of the blasted scratch. Little warning to anyone who stupidly scratches their eye with their fingernail…go to A&E, apparently you have a higher risk of getting an eye infection from a dirty fingernail scratch than almost anything else that touches your eye!

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