Bloody Spam

I got up this morning to discover that my AOL account had been suspended. Yep, apparently I had been sending spam. I was horrified, and shocked, I called them and went through a bit of a rigmarole. I have to give it to AOL, they dealt with the problem quickly enough, and their reasons were fair, although I was definitely not guilty of the crime.

As you can tell I am back, but I have had to go through a load of hoops to make sure that it is all safe. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the things I have done work, and if I ever find out who was sending spam using a shadow of my email I am going to slap them upside the head.

I am currently enjoying the third day of my four-day weekend, but the weather is pretty sucky right now, so I am not going to go outside, I am at the moment watching “Hollywood True Story: Dallas” (sad, right?).

slythhearted, you’ll be pleased to hear that my tan is almost evened out. I sat in the paddling pool with the children for much of Friday and although it’s red now it will tone down to a healthier glow (it bloody better anyway).

2 thoughts on “Bloody Spam

  1. AOHell used to do that to me ALL the time. I eventually had the number memorized. I don’t know how many times they’ve said I sent out 300 spam emails. I don’t even know 300 AOL members…I don’t even think I know 50.

    Lauren is STILL making fun of me because I’m so white, but once I start going outside to swim, I’ll be having a healthy tan. Yay me.

    Enjoy the holiday!


  2. Run a virus scan on your system and a spyware check while you’re there. Worth checking your bandwidth usage too.

    Spammers use trojans to turn PCs into zombie spam remailers. They prefer broadband and it’s unlikely to happen on dialup without you noticing.

    If they come up clean, you’re probably not a zombie. Go back to AOL and (repressing the urge to beat them into the bloody pulp that they deserve) politely ask them to turn your account back on.

    One thing that is possible is that you’re sharing the mailing IP with someone else on AOL who’s got a zombie PC and AOL have shutdown the entire IP address to block the spam attack.


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