The start of another long week

Well, it’s officially begun – yep, another long week at work. I keep on feeling extremely tempted to take time off sick, but I have a wonderful thing called a conscience and it makes me feel guilty if I tell so much as a teeny tiny white lie (darn it!).

Anyway, work today should be wonderful (and that is a sarcastic, not real, wonderful)…I am stuck at my desk alone, inputting references into a database that doesn’t really like them, or me, or anyone else who inputs anything into the memory. I just have to tell myself that the day is soon over, only 8.5 hours from start to finish.

I have been most remiss in updating my lj this week, but I haven’t written any fic, haven’t done anything interesting, seen anyone, been anywhere…you get the picture, right?

Did get my cellphone back yesterday, all fixed, but the gits over at Sony Ericsson took the cover off to repair it, got dust all under the glass screen and didn’t even bother to clean it off before they put it back together and soldered it so that I can’t clean it myself. Can you believe that? The phone is not even six months old yet and has already needed fixing and soldering…this will teach me to get a supposedly brilliant brand, I was better off with my Sagem. I definitely won’t be buying another SE when this one breaks outside of the warrantee, I might even get a contract phone so I can get one of those nicely shaped new Nokias.

Well, here’s me officially running out of things to say. I am sure I will have something, if not exciting at least interesting, happen to me over the next week, if not, I will just have to post to babble inanity.

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