Is it Friday yet?

Well, this week is just a barrel of laughs isn’t it? Monday I had two dull meetings and couldn’t wait to get home. Yesterday I got into work to be greeted by a tearful (actually make that sobbing) colleague…she went to her favourite relative’s funeral on Monday afternoon and when she was gone there was a bit of a disaster with meetings which she got it in the neck for on Tuesday (nice way to help someone recover from loss my company has got!).

Today hopefully the Bitch (as I fondly refer to her) will not be in again. Yesterday she was off sick with a sore throat, maybe it has developed into tetanus of the throat or something by today and she won’t be in again.

I try desperately not to hate people, but this woman just makes me mad. Our office is full of backstabbers (nice to your face, but don’t turn around), you constantly have to be on guard and if you open your mouth then you have to make sure it is a) relevant b) interesting or c) bitchy gossip or else you are told off for talking…I am serious. We are talking about a workplace, but sometimes it feels as though I am in school, being reported to the headmaster.

Yes, I know that today’s entry is random. I am currently trying to figure out why I keep on falling asleep at ridiculously early times (considering it used to be 1am and even then it was a struggle to go to sleep). I keep on remembering how it was when I first got sick…I was sleeping all times of the day and night, found it incredibly hard to wake up and felt as though each waking moment was a waste of time…hello darkness my old friend!

I know that this means I have got a limited amount of time in which to start afresh somewhere else before the depression comes back about 10-times worse (because of the medication that I am taking that is meant to make things better!).

Well, I have to leave for work, but I have given myself much to ponder on…not that any of it is actually pleasant 😦

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