Sunburn and other weekend regrets

Yep, you might have guessed from the title, I have sunburn. Add that to the list of things that went wrong this weekend/week and you have a nice little list of disasters.

1. Sunburn on ONE, yep, just the one, side of my body
2. Broken mobile (cell) phone, dropped the bloody thing (stupidly) and now it won’t turn on
3. Screwed up my diet
4. Got writer’s block – again!

I think that’s enough for just two days, and to make matters even better, I go back to work today and I hate my job more than ever. I don’t know quite how I manage to keep my mouth shut when anyone mentions anything to me that has to do with JS…I just want to smack that woman in the mouth and then throw her out of a second story window. Wednesday I got an email from her asking why I didn’t give her any notice on my holiday. I can think of two things to say to that which would likely get me very fired.

1. I did tell you, you deaf stupid bitch…you obviously haven’t listened to anything that has been said by anyone about anything that has nothing to do with you
2. You obviously didn’t hear me because I was standing right next to you…and you only hear things that are being said 10miles away, bitch!

Yep, you got it, I am sick to bloody death of this woman, and I have to spend 8.5 hours with her 5 days a week…one day I just know that I am going to snap unless I can find a new job. My year of prison is up in just 14 days (10 working days) and I am already looking for something new, anything to get me out of this hell that I seem to be terminally trapped within.

Realistically I know that it is very likely I will be exchanging one nightmare job for another, but right now I can’t see any other way to maintain the sanity levels that I currently have without leaving. In this case it really is “Better the devil you don’t know than the devil you do” because if I have to work with JS for too much longer I am going to end up in a mental institute under armed guard for smashing that woman’s head in with a blunt object. I am a firm believer in the “Don’t work with someone you hate enough to have fantasies about killing” school of thought…If this woman weren’t such good “lunching” friends with my boss’ boss I might say something to someone, but as they spend a large amount of time each week together I think it’s best that I start to consider job relocation!

Deep breaths, this week is going to be a bumpy ride!

4 thoughts on “Sunburn and other weekend regrets

  1. Okay I want to know how you got sunburn on only one side of your body. Only you could do that, you know.

    I hope it isn’t too painful.

    You’ll have to explain to me this year of prison thing. I am a bit confused on it. I assume its your one year anniverary in hell but what exactly does that mean?

    Good luck with work today. I know you can make it through without mauling anyone. Deep breaths. No growling, snarling, glaring or talking out loud about your killer fantasies.

    And…how could you tag me like that?! I thought I meant something to you. I don’t even know five lj people to tag in return.


    1. It’s what happens when you sit facing the fence and the sun doesn’t actually move over in the other direction at any point when you are sitting there.

      I never talk about my fantasies about mauling people out loud, they would think I was crazy!

      And I tagged you because I could!


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