This is horrible. I have work today – last day of the week – and I can’t find a copy of last night’s Veronica to download while I am there. What happened to the “it’s online before you get up” thing that has been happening for the last 21 episodes? Did it all suddenly change especially for the season finale…

This is the only show I have stayed relatively spoiler free on…this means I DON’T WANT ANY SPOILERS! Sure, the horrendously curious part of me wants to know who the killer is, but the sensible – it’s better for it to be a surprise – part is determined that it will be a surprise. So far it’s been easy, but that’s only because I was asleep.

Going to work and being bored out of my skull is going to make the “Don’t look” policy harder to abide by.

One thing I am sure of, this isn’t going to be a wine, cheese and roses ending for the LoVers…in fact parts of me are sure that it’s going to be downright painful.

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