Angry Stressed Person Alert

I HATE MY BOSS (well, one of the many anyway).

Why is it just when things sort of seem like they are going right (for a while), someone comes along and shits in your bed (okay, that’s rather crude, but it’s how I feel).

I have a bitch boss, I have mentioned her on here several times, and all she keeps on doing is becoming more and more of an anal retentive cow who seriously needs to get a life.

I sit with someone and occasionally we chat about non-work related stuff – christ if you worked in my office you would be desperately searching for other things to talk about. Anyway, today I get called into the silly cow’s office and she promptly tells me “Your talking is making me ill because I can’t do my work…” OH FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE YOU SAD BITCH, GET A F*C*I*G LIFE! I nearly actually said that, but managed, at the very last minute, to restrain myself. I bit the inside of my cheek, nodded my head a few times, apologised because she was just sitting there staring at me and went back to my desk.

My colleague got the same talk and emailed me – so instead of talking we spent the whole day emailing – we sit next to each other! She said (yep, I mean wrote) “I was told that this was a pretty carefree, stress-free, casual environment before I accepted the job, but it is getting more and more like a prison everyday.” I don’t blame her. Everyday when I get up I feel like I am going to a prison, that is what working for this company has become, a prison, and I am serving what feels like a life sentence without parole, but what I have done to deserve said sentence is completely beyond me. Secretaries at my work place are the grunt workers. They do all the crappy work (including a post run three times a day – once I was even asked [by bitchcow] to clean the microwave – actually it was more like told – because someone had used it and their dinner had exploded, and she didn’t want to use it when it was dirty). I am chronically sick of it, and was so tempted to tell her that she can take the job and stick it up her rear end because being treated like I am thick and lower than the cleaner is not my idea of a job!

Wow, that feels better, really needed to get that out.

3 thoughts on “Angry Stressed Person Alert

  1. i regularly get grunt work at my job, and I often tell them that they don’t pay me enough to care. But I’m a bitch and they need me. It’s nice to have job skills few have in you place of work.


    1. I never before realised that my skills included cleaning up someone elses microwave lunch and delivering mail. Had I wanted either of those jobs I would have applied. I am (apparently anyway) an Editorial Secretary (basically translates to ‘crap pay, shit tasks, treated as though stupid most of the time’). I think I would mind less had she not complained about my talking and then had a conversation for nearly an hour with someone in her office doorway. She has an office door (and a window – a luxury which we grunts don’t have) but she can’t even be bothered to close her door to have a conversation about the morning sickness that another colleague is having.

      Okay, thought that the rant and rave was over…apparently I am still angry!


  2. Just another reason I’m glad my boss is under my dad. Oh yes, I have a job at dad’s work, but my boss is too scared to get onto me (as if I’d ever do anything to warrant getting onto).

    Buck up, sis. I would say I’d write a fic to cheer you up (which I’m probably going to do anyway–send me over five words) but I’m writing that squick Draco/Ron. Didn’t think you’d be too interested. LOL.


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