What does it take?

Well, back at work, head aches just a bit, but that’s to be expected, the lights above my desk are pretty harsh on the eyes – don’t you just love artificial light because there are no windows?

Anyway, I got an email today from Channel 4/E4, a month after I emailed them. They have no plans to air Veronica Mars. What is it going to take for me to get the show aired on TV over here? Am I going to have to stage a protest? Am I going to have to stand outside the E4/Sky/Living TV offices with a banner proclaiming that instead of showing crap that is cancelled/resembles Dallas (The OC)/general crap (Big Brother/Ibiza Uncovered/Date some unknown tart who thinks they are a celebrity) they should get some taste and show something that deserves the credit “TV Show of quality”?

Also, upgraded my lj…what do you think? The banner thing needs some work, it’s temporary just to show myself that I know how to do it…will be working on another one over the next few days (I hope that it is spectacular when it is finished).

Good luck to anyone on my flist that is taking finals etc…

2 thoughts on “What does it take?

  1. Good luck to anyone on my flist that is taking finals etc…

    *waves* Oh! Oh! ME!

    And btw, when am I getting my uber cool birthday present, eh? Only 18 days left.

    And your banner looks awesome. The other girl who helped me figure out how to do spacing and sent me that long expo is getting a short fic reward…do you want in on it? LOL. It’ll be like old times.


    1. That it will. We need to do some of those at the weekend I think…just enough time for you to have seen the season finale, and perhaps we can do an exchange, I write LoVe and you write your HP stuff…or can I entice you over to the dark side that has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars?

      You will be getting your birthday present about 5 days after it arrives with me. Don’t worry, you will get it in time for your birthday (that will all be down to the postie)…

      And the good luck for you goes without saying.


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