A Miracle

I shouldn’t be typing anything right now, I am going solely on the touch type method that I normally forget when typing my journal. I have a migraine that is threatening to split my head in two, but Streamlinenet has finally given me my refund. It only took them a month to admit that they were dumb bastards and completely in the wrong (although they still didn’t provide me with a bill)…

So yay, £70 better off right now 🙂 would celebrate if I didn’t think my head would fall off…

2 thoughts on “A Miracle

  1. So happy to hear you got that sorted.

    Ran across a cheap host the other day via SpamHuntress. 100MB of disk space and 7GB of bandwidth may be a little light for an archive, but at US$20, it’s not bad value.


    1. I already use three times that on my own archive. That’s a cheap host, but then other sites (e.g. Fortunecity) have that much for free.


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