The Advantage of Getting Up Early

It was literally a few minutes past 5am this morning that I woke up. Right now I have 2 mins left until download is complete on Veronica Mars, and then I can watch last night’s episode (not that I am eager or anything)…As soon as it is finished I am going to watch because I want to find out what happened, see how much I was right on, and how much I was wrong…and then I can mourn the fact that I have another week until the finale and then a whole 5 months until Season 2 begins. It is very good that I have it all on my computer (soon to be backed up on DVD) because with nothing on for the whole of the summer the eps are going to be watched a lot.

I get the feeling that today I am going to be writing a fair deal – although I should be working – if only I had something to do!

Well, will continue this update in roughly 43 minutes…


I am hyperventilating. That was full of surprises. A few of my speculations were right…but is the “You are my sister,” from Duncan mere speculation on his mother’s part when Lianne herself admitted that she had no idea?

The revelation that Duncan was the one who Veronica slept with was not something that totally shocked me (even though Laura had already told me I was right) as I speculated that was the case a few weeks ago. What was the surprise was that he had also been drugged. Logan…Logan…Logan, each time I think that you are going to redeem yourself something new is revealed, the cameras in the bedroom? Were they yours? Was this some kink that you didn’t want to admit to? Or is this something that your father liked to do (being the narcissist that Aaron Echolls is)? Are we going to find out next week? I know that it is the tying up of loose ends, the revelation of the murderer, etc…but what more can we discover about the case before all is revealed? Will we find out the true results of the DNA test? Will we find out why the cameras were in the poolhouse/private love den? Will Logan chase after Veronica again?

A whole ‘nother week before the next episode and I can’t wait…a whole week and a day until I have two days off to rewatch the whole season.

I still have 35mins until I leave for work, long enough to watch the episode again, but I think that now I will wait until next week, so that I can see what happens next straight after.

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