FIC: Untitled Part 4 (Logan/Veronica) PG-13

Yep, I am on a roll. Last night’s episode inspired me, I am pleased to see that my mind is working along similar lines to Rob Thomas’. Much of this could be considered spoilerish to last night’s episode – but it seriously is stuff that I have already planned (so go me on the good guesses).

TITLE: Untitled (I seriously am looking for suggestions here)
DISCLAIMER: The characters aren’t mine, they are the property of Rob Thomas, UPN and Warner Bros
DEDICATION: As always to Laura – who plugs my fic on her LJ 🙂
SPOILERS: Up to and including Hot Dogs anything else is personal speculation – if it is right then yay, if not then this is hugely alterna-universe
SUMMARY: Veronica reveals almost all, Logan remembers and a confrontation occurs.

Logan stood at the edge of the pool feeling as though someone had just punched him in the gut. A surge of protectiveness coursed through him and he felt the strong desire to throw something. There was also a trickle of doubt that dripped down his spine, causing his body to shudder violently. He didn’t know who had done it, but he knew that he had to accept at least a tiny part of the blame.

He remembered parts of Shelly Pomeroy’s party really well. The girl was a jealous bitch who liked to think that she owned Neptune, when in fact that title of Neptune princess had always been firmly placed on Lilly’s head. The moment that Veronica had arrived at the party, looking like a prom queen, wearing that floaty party dress, her blonde hair hanging long and slightly curly down her back, Shelly’s ire had risen.

“Who invited that slut?” Shelly stood by the bar and pointed, an expression of disdain on her face, over at Veronica, who was steadily weaving her way through the crowd. “Did you?” she looked over at Logan and Duncan, they both shook their heads. “Well I know that I didn’t.” Sharing a half-smile with Madison, Shelly carried on with the partying, determined that no gatecrasher was going to ruin her end of year bash, the party that she planned for almost five months.

He vaguely remembered Dick joking about how he was going to get Madison to take some liquid X with him, perhaps share a ‘different’ experience with his sometimes reticent girlfriend, and then he remembered seeing Veronica passed out on a sun lounger by the Pomeroy pool, her hair haloed around her head, the straps of her white dress halfway down her arms as a series of loud drunk boys licked salt from her stomach and sucked lime from her lips.

Everything was such a blur, but the bitter hatred at Veronica had driven him to do something very stupid. Duncan had been such a straight-laced bastard that night, “I’m driving, man!” and “No more for me…” that he hadn’t thought twice about slipping the last of the GHB in his best friend’s drink and watching as he drank the whole thing.

He wondered what Veronica would say if she ever found out what had happened. Would she blame him? Would she ever speak to him again? Would she give him a chance to explain? He was no longer the idiot that he had been then, sick, twisted, angry at the world, furious at Lilly for betraying him and then leaving him. He had taken all of that out on Duncan, albeit in a distant way. He had sat back to watch the fireworks explode, but he had never dreamed that they would take such a turn.

“Veronica,” his voice cracked, anguish at what he had done to her filling him. Taking a step forward he met her as she walked towards him, tear tracks stained her pale cheeks and he felt his stomach twist. He knew what he had to do. “It’s my fault…”

Veronica pulled out of his tight embrace to look into his eyes, confusion on her face. “What?” She took a step away from him and continued to stare. “What did you say?”

Gulping, and closing his eyes, Logan uttered the words that were sure to be a death knell on his burgeoning relationship with the mini dynamo. “What happened to you at Shelly’s party. I had the drugs. We just wanted to have a good time.” The moment the words were out of his mouth he regretted them.

“Have a good time?” Veronica’s voice was quiet as she walked past him, each word spoken carefully and clearly as though she was clinging to her control with a slender fraying thread. “I just want to find out who did this to me and make them pay.” She bent down and retrieved her shirt and jacket from the ground where she had dropped them and, after slipping her t-shirt on over her head, continued walking around the side of the house. “I don’t care who it is, they’re going to be sorry.”

Every single time she thought that things were getting better; something came along to ruin it. Logan had been the one with the drugs. Had he been the one to put it in her drink too? The thought that she had almost…it didn’t bear contemplating right now, she had to go home and get clean.


Standing underneath the tepid shower in the apartment, Veronica leaned her head against the cool tiled wall and let the water flow over her. She scrubbed her body until her skin was glowing pink, the scent of Logan’s aftershave no longer lingering in her hair. She had been putting things off for long enough, she had to find out what had happened that night, even if it meant upsetting people. She couldn’t go on like this any longer, she couldn’t let it rule over her every action. If she didn’t do something would she still be paranoid, afraid to trust, years from now?

Shutting off the water she got climbed out of the shower and rubbed herself dry with a slightly worn towel, then wrapped herself in her towelling robe and walked on bare feet to her bedroom. She was tugging a brush through her hair – which seemed constantly to be windblown – when her cellphone rang.

She picked the phone up and stared at the screen for a few moments, it was Logan. Was she actually ready to speak to him right now? Taking a deep breath she pressed ‘answer’ and held the phone up to her ear. “Hey.”

“Veronica, can we talk?” Even over the phone the deep timbre of his voice sent a few shivers up her spine, and she hated the fact that he had this effect on her.

“I don’t know, you seem to be doing pretty well so far.” *That’s right, Mars, turn to sarcasm when you have nothing else to hide behind.*

“I want to explain.” Veronica could hear the sound of a bottle being twisted open over the slightly buzzy connection.

“Have you been drinking?” Taking a deep breath, she prepared to cut the connection, but then he spoke again, his voice quiet, intense.

“I didn’t know you’d been drugged. Dick told me that he wanted the stuff to play some games with Madison. I just thought you’d had a bit much to drink, that’s all.”

Feeling the panic start to rise in her chest, she curled her fingers into the coverlet on her bed, wincing when one of her nails bent backwards, snapping halfway down the nail-bed. “So you just left me there. Oh, such a great guy you are, Logan!” Furious with herself, and with him, she cut the connection quickly and then turned the volume on the ringer down before stuffing the cellphone into the bottom of her book-bag. *Out of sight, out of mind.*

Logan sat staring at his phone for a while; she had hung up on him. He pressed redial, but it just rang and rang until her voicemail picked up. What he had to say couldn’t be said to a machine. He put the lid back on the newly unsealed bottle of vodka and shoved it back into the liquor cabinet. The only way that he was going to have any chance of making Veronica listen was to go round there. He didn’t care what it took, she was going to hear him out.

3 thoughts on “FIC: Untitled Part 4 (Logan/Veronica) PG-13

  1. Is there going to be any more to this story?? I love it so far. I’d like to see where you would take it. 🙂 spk


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