I am pissed off. Yep, really and truly pissed off.

Everyone who frequents here (the few that is who are interested in my dull life) know about the hassle I am currently having with my domain hosts. Well, they struck again today, telling me that I wasn’t entitled to a refund. Apparently as I still have their service they can’t give me any of the money back. Well, you can imagine how happy I was with that one. I was so angry I actually threatened them with Watchdog (anyone in the UK will know that this is a consumer complaints tv show that rips companies apart when they are treating their customers badly)…I am not holding my breath that I will get another response from them any time soon, but I am hoping they will actually get their heads out of their butts and read what I am saying – I don’t want a full refund, just a refund of the money they overcharged me…

Those who know me know that I have the ultimate amount of patience when it comes to certain things, well, I figure that nearly a month is being patient enough. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Nightmarish.

    I was a little in same boat. My old hosts changed hands and server dropped through the floor. Just after I renewed for the year. I was stuck with the dilemma of sticking it out or shelling out for another host. Fortunately, I could afford to swap. I can’t get my money back from the old hosts, but am taking them scum through the industry Ombudsman over another issue of ripping me off.

    It might be worth looking for another host, moving your stuff and informing old host to cancel their service. There’s a heap of cheaper, good quality hosts out there.


    1. I seriously cannot afford to shell out any more money, or I would. I have no more money for hosts in any way or form, if I cancel this one then I have to cancel all my sites for the next year.


      1. Damn!

        Start researching new hosts now even if it means you have a couple months overlap in the end when you swap. You’re prepared and ready to roll.

        What are you paying now a year? There’s some good, cheap hosts offering large amounts of disk space and bandwidth for US$50ish a year. Some will offer per month or quarterly payment for a little more.

        You’re running a fiction archive, so ask other archives who they host with and compare notes. I’m using Total Choice Hosting (running four MovableType blogs and a PHP guestbook on MySQL, plus the flat pages, and I suck down bandwidth) and they’ve been great. I’ve also heard Vizaweb recommended.

        My first suggestion is to note down all the resources you need (cgi-bin, perl, asp, frontpage, mysql, movabletype, php, lots of e-mail addresses, multiple domains, lots of subdomains, bandwidth, disk space, price, etc) and start creating a shortlist before you jump in a year. Once you’re down to a handful that all seem to fit the bill, look for commentary from users.


      2. I initially paid £130 for the year, but that is unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server space. I know that a lot of people pay monthly, but we are now talking severe funding limitations – I start a degree course in October that is going to take all my spare money – for books and fees for the next five/six years (if not longer). Initially the site was going to be closed at the end of March, but I decided to keep it up and running for another year, also my own personal archive is stored on the same server, using My SQL…I am determined that I am going to sort it out, but I can’t help feeling that even if I did cancel I would still have horrendous problems getting my money back. And overlapping service is not something I want to do purely because of the cost aspect. The site is a huge luxury for me financially.


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