FIC: Untitled Interlude

Well, someone commented on how they would like to see what happened between Trina and Veronica at the end of Part Three, so I thought about it for a few moments and realised that I didn’t want it to be part of the main story, so I wrote it as an interlude. This doesn’t have to be read as part of the story, but it doesn’t make much sense if you read it alone.

This also served as a distraction from the nightmare that is the situation with my greedy domain hosts.

TITLE: Untitled Interlude
DISCLAIMER: The characters do not belong to me, they are the creative property of Rob Thomas, and copyrighted to Rob Thomas, UPN and Warner Bros.
SPOILERS: Up to and including Hot Dogs
SUMMARY: Trina proves that she has some human emotions

Trina walked down to the pool and kicked off her sandals before sitting down beside Veronica and dangling her feet over the edge, the cool water lapping over her shopping-tired feet. “I don’t know quite what you did to scare Logan off, Veronica, but if I had known that tears could make him run away I would have been a sobbing mess when he was an irritating brat who followed me around constantly.”

Still sniffing, Veronica lifted her head and wiped her eyes roughly with the back of her hand, “He’s gone?” Her eyes were red and sore from all the crying, and she knew that she must look an absolute mess.

“Yep, couldn’t get away fast enough. If only he applied himself so well to track, he could be one of the best that Neptune has seen,” the joke fell flat, but then Trina never had claimed to be a comedienne, or one of the better ‘girl’ friends. When she had been at school she had used her status as Aaron Echolls’ daughter to get friends, but that meant that they were the ones who listened to her. She didn’t trouble herself with their problems, they were the underlings she was the Queen bee. Talking to Veronica, possibly even helping her with this problem – whatever it was – was something new to her, and she wasn’t sure that she would like it.

Right now Veronica would give anything to have Lilly back. It wasn’t that she didn’t normally wish her deceased friend were alive, but right now she needed someone to talk to who would give her good boy advice – although if Lilly were alive then she wouldn’t be in this situation! “I’m a train wreck. I was right when I told Leo that I would mess up his life…instead I’m messing up Logan’s.”

Trina laughed. She couldn’t help it, it wasn’t that she was unsympathetic to the situation, but the whole thing was simply ridiculous. “You think Logan’s not messed up already?” Thinking about all the scrapes she had been forced to drag Logan from almost kicking and screaming, Trina thought differently. Logan was a mess, and if Veronica was a train wreck then they went together pretty well, at least no one else would be hurt in the head on collision! “Logan’s been more sane in the last few weeks than he has done since…”

“Since Lilly?” Actually, Logan had been messed up for ages, even before Lilly’s death he had been the heavier drinker, the one who thought of all the dangerous and stupid pranks, but that was just how he was.

Trina just nodded, for a moment deep in thought. Logan was someone she had never really bothered to get to know. He was the usurper, the child of the woman her dad had left her mom for. He was the little brat who had poked around in her teenage sanctuary, reading her diary and jumping around on her bed wearing her bras. Now she was seeing him as someone else, the brother who cared enough about her that he wanted to protect her, the man who had lost a girlfriend in a violent way, the boy who had needed her comfort after his mom disappeared, but had no one to turn to. Guilt filled her when she realised that she hadn’t been there for him, yet he had been there when she needed him.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” She wasn’t going to beat around the bush and pretend that she was a compassionate person; she simply didn’t have it in her to do that.

“There isn’t enough drink in the world that I am going to forget about this,” Veronica mumbled, her eyes focused on the wind rippling across the surface of the pool. “Last year, at Shelly Pomeroy’s party I was drugged…” the memories were a little bit clearer now, but the face above hers was still blurred, the events that followed her collapse by the pool in the lushly decorated garden at the Pomeroy house were still fuzzy and unclear.

It was obvious that there was more, but Trina understood it was difficult. When Dylan had hit her the first time she had been relieved that she was away from home that the marks were on her back and therefore easily covered – it meant that she didn’t have to tell anyone. The second time he had hit her it had been more difficult, but using Lynn’s cards and staying at a hotel made it easier. The last time had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. She had tried to hide the bruising underneath dark glasses and an inch-thick layer of pancake makeup. Lifting her hand she brushed it across the faint bruising still showing under her eye. She had no idea what to say, she couldn’t make it go away.

Taking Trina’s silence as a prompt, Veronica continued, her voice lifeless, empty, “I have to find out who raped me.” The tears were gone now; she had none left. Her determination to beat the weakness that had invaded her soul, directed the course of her life for the last year. Her desire for revenge was powerful, and she was going to use that to keep her strong.

4 thoughts on “FIC: Untitled Interlude

  1. i loved this chapter – i think its much better that she told trina and not logan (for this story i mean)
    i think its great and very veronica to stop crying when she is talkign about revenge!


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