Well, it’s a bank holiday over here in good old Blighty, which means that there are loads of shops open for half a day, and a bunch of kids that don’t know the meaning of the word “Quiet” in our street making a hell of a racket.

Anyway, that’s not what I want to write about today. Today I want to write about “Selfish Cat Owners”.

Currently we have a stray cat that seems to think it lives with us. I already have a gorgeous black 9yr old called Mulder (I didn’t name him!) and he is about all I can cope with. But, for the last week, my nan has been moaning on and on and on about this tiny little black cat that keeps on coming in, begging for food and generally looking adorable. Having seen this cat I fully agree that she looks adorable, and if I had my way we would keep her, but my nan is adament that we don’t have another cat, and she is also getting pretty bitchy about Mulder (saying that perhaps I should have him put down – you hear this Mulder – that will NEVER happen).

Well today my nan (who is retired btw, and therefore spends all day everyday at home [and bitches about it constantly]) decided to finally do something about it – she seems to think that as I am at work all day I can use their phone to make personal calls – I don’t think they would look upon that kindly at all…

She was told that she would have to keep and feed the cat for a few days before they could come and pick it up. I am going to now post a picture of the most adorable little creature (who I call MM – Mini Mulder – because she looks just like Mulder did as a kitten)…so you can see why I am awwing over it and upset that my nan is calling someone to pick her up.

Isn’t she adorable?

What would you do?

9 thoughts on “Aww

  1. Awww…she looks like Prince did when he was in his “My stupid owner named me Empress…but I’m macho anyway” phase. *pouts* Off to update my lj with pics of my baby (Prince).


  2. Awww. She looks a bit like my Newt. And I think it’s rather ironic that you, I, and Laura have cats that look similiar. And I really do think you and I are dopples because Newt’s about nine as well. Spooky.


    1. Yes, that is sort of spooky, I hadn’t actually thought about it before, but now I do…wow, if Laura were a little bit closer to our age perhaps she would be the third of our Charmed ‘tripleganger’!!!!


      1. Oooh, like the fact that you are making me younger than 20…I remember those days so well.

        And I like your icon!!! LOL


  3. She’s very cute.

    And Mulder isn’t that bad, it could be something really embarrassing like Tiddles or Poopykins. You just know the other cats are laughing at them with names like that.


    1. It’s unfortunately a reminder of my X-files obsessed ex. I would have named him and his brother (who strangely enough was called Scully) Devlin and Sorensen after characters from two of my favourite books…but apparently I wasn’t allowed to make the choice, I personally think my names were better!


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