Wonderful News

I forgot to update on Thursday afternoon, and I really should have. We have a working shower. I can now stand under the spray in the morning and emerge clean a few minutes later. It’s brilliant.

Oh, and I had my hair cut yesterday. Yes, it was much longer, but it was also split, dry and in desperate need of a cut. I am lucky that I didn’t lose all the length, but I am sad that I had to lose about three inches – okay try that is only 3 months of growth, and it will come back soon enough. I think that I will feel better when the length grows back, it will make it a little less thick, but it looks good (okay, the fact that it is slightly lighter means it now curls) and is slightly more manageable.

Well, no more news, I haven’t finished writing part three of the Untitled Veronica/Logan angsty-lusty thing…but I will soon enough.

And yay, three day weekend.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful News

    1. Thank you. It’s strange how the little things are the things that bring you the most joy. Having a working shower and no more panicked rushed baths in the morning is fabulous…I got home last night and had a 35min shower 🙂 was great…


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