La La La I’m not listening

I am set and determined that the only spoilers I am aware about for last night’s Veronica Mars are the ones that concern the ‘COUCH SCENE’.
(Riverchic1998 knows what I mean) in that I know the scene happens, but not what actually happens in it. And I have just had to scroll through 4 pages on my flist to read stuff by people who are NOT talking about the episode…why does downloading take so long 😦

Liz I loved your fics, that you were down and you still managed to write comical and oh so wonderfully readable stuff says a lot for your focus and determination…:) I needed something desperately to distract me from the fact that I have another day at work, and another day without a working shower…and your fics did the trick, I loved the way that Pansy and Willow were together (although when I read the blurb I half expected you to pair Willow up with her HP clone-ish figure in the form of Luna :)…and as for the rock concert, that would certainly explain a lot about Scott Hope!

I have just under an hour until I leave for work, and in that time my nan better have done something about contacting the bloody shower guy, I swear if she doesn’t I am going to start throwing things…anyone want to buy a grandmother? I can stuff her for you!

ETA RANT: Shower update; well, they aren’t coming today. Apparently they will call by 4.30 the day before they are due to come if they are planning on it, so it is very possible that tomorrow I will be sitting in all day waiting for a plumber to arrive to fix our shower. I swear, the woman who my nan spoke to at the insurance company has a bloody cheek. She asked my nan “Well you have a bath, right, so it’s not an emergency…” my nan answered with “No, we have a bath, but want the shower,” she was polite…MISTAKE. I am still steaming because I know exactly what I would say “I know we have a bath, but we pay you £40 a month to repair our f*c*i*g shower!” END RANT

2 thoughts on “La La La I’m not listening

  1. Thank you. Well, I just wanted to finish something last night. LOL. Actually Scott Hope being gay is canon. In season seven the vampire (who was played by the same guy who played Knox on Angel) mentions that Scott came out after graduation. It was in the episode “Conversations with Dead People”. I don’t know why I suddenly recalled that when writing that mini.

    As for the shower… *crosses her fingers for you* At least you have a legit excuse not to go to work tomorrow, and that’s gotta be a good thing, right?


    1. The excuse fell flat, they haven’t phoned so they won’t be coming, which means another day of yucky hair and cold bathwater, this is getting absolutely ridiculous.

      And shows you how much attention I was paying to season seven after a point doesn’t it!


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