FIC: Untitled Part 2 (Veronica/Logan)

Yes, only a day later (or is it two?) and the second part is already finished, it’s not quite as long as the first part, but I found a natural break and decided that it was the perfect spot to stop and take stock before I wrote the next chapter.

Hope you enjoy.

TITLE: Untitled
RATING: R for slightly sexual situations (really, only slight)
SPOILERS: Up to Hot Dogs, no further, everything else is personal speculation
DISCLAIMER: The characters aren’t mine, they are the property of Rob Thomas, UPN, Warner Bros
DEDICATION: To Laura because she managed to a) hold back on the spoilers and b) because I teased her with snippets of this yesterday and it was mean (there I admit it)
SUMMARY: Veronica and Lianne meet to talk – but do they really say much? Also, Logan and Veronica sitting in a car, do they really get that far?

Sitting in the Le Baron outside the Camelot motel, Veronica picked up her camera and quickly took a few pictures of Jake Kane. It seemed now that Duncan had returned to the fold he was back to his old tricks. She was still focused completely on the door to the room that he had entered – room 8, the room right behind the spot where Logan had kissed her for the first time – when the passenger door opened and Logan slid into the seat next to her. “So who is it that we are spying on now, Mars?” he leaned across and whispered the question against her neck, his breath brushing gently across her earlobe. “And more importantly, can I distract you from your work?”

Logan had been unable to get the kiss from this afternoon out of his head. The kisses they had shared prior to this one had been sweet, passionate, but this one had been intoxicating, the scent of her arousal had lingered all afternoon and he had been unable to think of anything else. He rubbed his nose against the curve of her shoulder and nudged the thin strap of her t-shirt down her arm. Once the support was gone, the front of her top dropped to reveal the lacy edging of her relatively impractical strapless bra, and his blood boiled. He dug his fingers into his thighs to stop himself from reaching out to touch the creamy skin and leaned closer to press his lips against hers.

Veronica’s head fell back against the seat and she opened her mouth, her tongue caressing his as she pushed his jacket down his arms, effectively imprisoning them at his sides. “This way you won’t be able to touch,” she murmured even as she pushed him away from her and then climbed across the space between the two seats and settled herself across his thighs.

“Oh God, Ronnie,” he choked out as she rubbed herself against him for a second, lost in the moment, not really aware of what she was doing. He didn’t care that people could see then, all he was thinking about was freeing his arms and stripping her of the little spaghetti-strapped tee that she was wearing.

Grinning, she unbuttoned his shirt and brushed her fingers over the hardening nipples showing clearly through his white t-shirt, “You like this don’t you?” For some reason she was unable to fathom she felt particularly playful, it possibly had a lot to do with her need to expel some of her unwanted stress before it made her mad.

“What do you think?” he laughed when her fingers lightly touched his tensed stomach, the muscles rippling as she tickled him teasingly. “Ronnie, let me take my jacket off…”

Shaking her head, her shoulder-length blonde hair flying with the quick movement, Veronica bit her lip, contemplating what she could do next. Her hands dropped to the buckle of his dark brown leather belt and, after a few moments of awkward fumbling, she managed to undo it.

At the first faint touch of her fingers against the placket of his jeans, Logan closed his eyes and groaned quietly, deep in his throat. She explored him through his trousers, slowly gaining confidence when he started to respond to her touch. This was the first time she had actually touched someone like this, she had never gone that far with Duncan – now she realised that was actually a good thing – and although she was terrified, it felt good. The tang of arousal in the air was exhilarating. *I don’t know what I’m doing…* she realised, panicking a little bit at the thought that this was completely unfamiliar territory.

When Veronica stopped moving against him, her hand still on his flies, he had to fight the urge to thrust his hips upward.

“Oh God!” she covered her eyes with her hands and almost jumped away from him, landing awkwardly in her seat, her legs trapped uncomfortably beneath her. Her breathing was deep and uneven and bile was rising in her throat as the almost-memory of what had happened to her at Shelley’s party came back to haunt her. “I can’t do this, Logan.” She took a deep shuddering breath in an effort to control her rolling emotions, and attempted to find that spot of calm that so often eluded her.

Shrugging his jacket on, he sank back in the passenger seat and stared straight ahead, his head was swimming, and his whole body was shaking. “I really don’t get you, Mars.” He was really trying to understand her, but it was proving to be a very difficult task.

She turned to talk to him, but then she noticed movement on the top floor of the Camelot, the door to room 8 had opened and Jake Kane was now standing in the doorway, the mystery woman was hidden from sight by the bulk of his body. Veronica hurriedly picked up the camera from behind the driver’s seat and directed the zoom lens at the doorway. Part of her already knew who she was going to see, but that didn’t really prepare her for it.

Lianne Mars stepped out of the room, her arms wrapped loosely around Jake Kane’s neck, her lips pressed to his, she looked a little unsteady on her feet – but Veronica knew that this was likely due to an unmentioned amount of alcohol in her system – and she was barely wearing a thin chemise and silk (most likely synthetic) thigh-length robe.

“Is that your mom?” Logan stared at the spectacle in front of him with an open mouth, unable to believe what he was seeing. Veronica’s mom and Duncan’s dad? Was this why the romantic twosome had split? Why had Duncan never mentioned it?

Nodding her head, all the while snapping pictures to take home and study, Veronica shut off her ‘Logan sensors’ and focused on what she was seeing. Her mom was all over Jake and it was easy to see that she was only letting her lover leave reluctantly. “Wish I could get closer to hear what they’re saying,” she muttered under her breath as the scene continued to play out.

“How long has it been going on?” He winced when Jake walked away from the room and Lianne broke down, collapsing on the balcony, her body shaking.

“For far too long…” Torn between going and comforting her mother and just leaving her to sob her unfaithful heart out, Veronica sat, staring at the hotel. After a few moments she handed Logan her camera and pushed open her door. “I won’t be a minute.”

She took the steps slowly, every movement measured and quiet. “Mom?”

Lianne looked up, her eyes bloodshot, tears drying on her cheeks. “Veronica, what are you doing here?” her voice was rough, as though she had a 50-a-day smoking habit.

“I followed Jake Kane,” she jerked her head briefly in the direction of the Le Baron and paused for a moment, then… “I wanted to talk to you.”

“Then you’d better come in.” Using the banister as a support, Lianne dragged herself to her feet and walked into the pitifully decorated room.

“Okay,” she wondered what she should tell Logan, but when she waved at him he seemed to understand and signalled to her that he would wait – although she had no idea why he would bother!

“I am guessing you want to know about Jake,” she sat down on the edge of the bed and picked up a discarded pack of cigarettes, lighting one quickly and sucking the acrid smoke into her lungs with a relieved sigh. “Well, sit down, the chair may look cheap but I’m sure it won’t bite.”

“When did you start smoking again?” Veronica spoke quietly, desperately keeping her slowly rising temper in check; if she wanted to find out anything then she would have to stay calm.

“In the hospital, it was the only thing that calmed my nerves. Veronica, what did you want to talk to me about?” she kept on looking at the door as though she was expecting someone to walk through it at any minute.

“You seem in a hurry to leave, am I making you late for something?”

Lianne winced at the harshness in Veronica’s tone, unused to hearing something so bitter. “I have to go to work in the morning, that’s all. And it’s a long drive back home.”

“This is home, Mom,” she leaned forward and grabbed Lianne’s free hand, holding it tightly. “Why don’t you just come home?” For a moment all the bitterness, all the anger at Lianne’s lies was forgotten as the little girl that Veronica kept tied up inside herself fought free, her voice was filled with raw, desperate hunger for the woman that she had missed so much over the last year.

“Veronica, I can’t. And more than that, I don’t want to. I’m not that woman anymore…” Lianne wanted a drink, but she still needed to sober up a little before she drove out of state, to the little one-bed apartment she rented above the bakery.

“Really?” Veronica stood up, she realised that she wasn’t going to hear anything that she wanted to, and also that it was a complete waste of time. Lianne was right, she wasn’t the woman she had once been, Veronica didn’t even recognise this woman anymore. “Were you ever really that woman, Mom?” She left through the open door, pausing briefly to take a few deep breaths before she walked back to her car.

“Veronica…wait!” At the bottom of the steps Veronica turned and looked up at Lianne, who was standing in the doorway, the light from the room behind her giving her an eerie glow. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, well maybe sorry isn’t enough anymore.”

She opened the passenger door of the car and ushered Logan into the driver’s seat, she had to fight against the urge to cry, she had shown him enough weakness already.

“So…your mom and Jake Kane huh?” he said the words in a light tone, grinning at her, and patting her back awkwardly, but it was apparent that his attempt at levity had failed when Veronica turned to look at him and her face just crumpled, tears rolled down her cheeks and deep, heart wrenching sobs shook her body.

“Take me home, Logan.”

8 thoughts on “FIC: Untitled Part 2 (Veronica/Logan)

  1. I was supposed to have left for classes ten minutes ago, but I had to indulge myself. Very good!

    And do you know HOW HARD it was to hold back those spoilers! Especially the couch scene! LOL


    1. Yes, keeping back spoilers is really difficult, but I am pleased that you managed not to spoil anything in your email…especially the COUCH SCENE…although that I am sure is only part of the whole!

      And look, because of it you get me admitting to being mean (which is a rarity in itself) and posting the second part of my fic!!! 😀


      1. And I even held back ANNOYING you because I’m sure revealing the couch scene would have annoyed you. LOL.

        You are mean. You’re a real slave driver when it comes to writing! LOL.


      2. Uh huh, because you have done SOOOOO much writing that I see of late haven’t you 🙂

        I have another two pages written already!


    1. I am halfway through part three as I type this response, hopefully it will be out by the weekend – work has suddenly got busy so I won’t be able to write so much in the office anymore 😦


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