Bloody Shower

Thought I might update myself on the incident with the broken shower. Well, five days have passed and guess what…the shower is still broken. Yep, that’s right, still broken – I am sure you are all caring about the fact that more often than not I am having to have a cold bath in the morning as my nan is seeing fit to use all the hot water!

Well, we have 24-hour emergency insurance that is rather expensive, but will my nan call up and make them come out to fix it? Not on your nelly! She’s out most of tomorrow, and has made plans for all of Thursday – all without considering the fact I WANT MY SHOWER WORKING AGAIN! I am going to have to take time off work because she can’t stand the thought of actually sacrificing an afternoon down the town looking at stuff, spending NO money to wait in for the repair man who should have been here 5 days ago.

Well, enough of the ranting, I should be getting back to writing the smut that I have planned for Veronica and Logan. I know that things could be worse, but, for the first time in nearly 2 years I am going clubbing on Friday and I want to be able to wash my hair without having to empty and refill the bath 3 times.

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