Untitled (Logan/Veronica)

I wanted to write something a little bit more true to the show – hopefully I have managed. Here is the first part of my, as yet, untitled fic.

This is totally 100% dedicated to Laura (riverchic1998)

TITLE: Any ideas then mail me
RATING: PG-13 (maybe a little bit more)
DISCLAIMER: The characters aren’t mine, they are the creation of Rob Thomas, and owned by Rob Thomas, UPN and Warner Bros.
FEEDBACK: Please if you think it deserves it

Veronica slumped down on the couch and stared blankly ahead, stunned. “I can’t believe that you would do that without telling me.”

“Sweetheart, I had to know. It’s not going to change anything,” Keith put the papers back on the coffee table and sat down next to her, one hand resting comfortingly on her leg as she fought back the urge to cry.

“But it already has,” she bit her lip to keep in the tears, her teeth piercing the tender skin, a droplet of blood seeping to the surface. “Does it matter?”

“Of course it doesn’t. Why would it?” The moment he had received the rather thin, relatively innocuous-looking envelope, Keith had known. He had known the truth it revealed even before he had opened it; the words had just reinforced it.

“Because she lied to you, and I’m proof of that,” rage at her mother’s infidelity soared through her, she wanted to lash out at someone, but the person who deserved it wasn’t there. “She lied to me too,” her voice quieted as she announced the last fact, she felt sick.

Keith had never wanted to hit a woman, but right now he felt relief that Lianne wasn’t anywhere near him. For nearly 20 years he had been married to a woman he didn’t know, probably had never known properly. “You’re still my daughter,” he whispered the words into Veronica’s hair as she wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest.

“We don’t have to tell him do we?” The one thought that filled her with dread was going to Jake Kane and telling him the truth, had he ever suspected that she wasn’t a Mars? Had he ever confronted Lianne? Was that why he was protecting her?

“Not if you don’t want to. We’ll do whatever you want.” Keith wrapped his arms around Veronica and hugged her tightly; part of him now wished that he had never opened this particular can of unpleasant smelling worms.

“I don’t want him to know,” the mumbled the words as she snuggled against her father, for even if they weren’t biologically related he was still the man who had done everything in his power to make her childhood a happy one.

“Then we won’t tell him.”


“How could you do this to me, Lianne? To her?” Keith curled one of his hands into a fist on the counter and slammed it down hard enough to crack the knuckles together. He gripped the phone tightly in his hand until the plastic creaked and tried to tighten the control on his temper, which was quickly fraying. “You suspected all this time and you never said a word?” Lianne Mars, it seemed, was trapped in her own little drink-induced world, having dropped out of the therapy that Veronica’s hard-earned college savings had paid for. His wife was a very selfish woman, perhaps he had helped her become that way, but he hadn’t encouraged it. When he had needed her support she had upped and left, determined to start over – well, look where that had got her!

He put down the phone with a loud slam, hoping that Lianne had stayed on the line long enough for the sound to reverberate in her ear.

“So how is she?” Veronica walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of soda from the bottom shelf of the fridge.

Debating on exactly how much to tell her, Keith turned to look at Veronica, “Drunk,” he finally stated, realising that she at least deserved the truth about this.

Nodding her head, Veronica took a sip of the cold soda before pouring it into an ice-filled glass, “yeah.” It was one word, but Keith could hear the effort she was putting into it, the one word said everything, only barely masking her tears. “Have you had any luck in finding Duncan?” She forced a smile on her face, distracting herself from the “Jake Kane is my dad” situation, and the even more horrifying “I used to date my brother” situation.

Pleased with the change in conversation, even if they were, once again, discussing the Kane family, Keith sat down at his desk and leafed through a few folders. “It seems he’s been living in a small motel on the Mexico border. He paid for it with cash, never uses his cards and went by the name, Kane Pringle.”

A mouthful of soda shot out of her mouth when Keith told her the name, Kane Pringle, dear God that was just awful. “So how did you find him, father dear,” she sat down on the edge of the couch and snatched the folder from his outstretched hand, eager to read what else had been found out.

“He made a phonecall, to his girlfriend, Meg something?” Yep, Duncan may be smart, but in some ways he didn’t have the sense that he was born with. Phoning someone and staying on the line long enough for your phone call to be traced was something most people learned from watching reruns of Kojak and Miami Vice.

“He called Meg?” Part of Veronica mourned the fact that he would no longer call her, at the moment he hated her, blamed her for his parents being so unhappy, possibly even blamed her for Lilly’s death, but one day, in the distant past they had been happy – deluded, but happy. “So when are we going to get him?”

Keith checked his watch and then looked straight at Veronica, a strange gleam in his eye. “He was picked up probably an hour ago. I passed the case on to someone else.”

Her mouth dropped open in surprise, “but the reward money, we could have really done with that. Why?” It all went right back to the Kane family. Perhaps her dad just wanted the Kanes to acknowledge that he was good at what he did, perhaps he wanted them to owe him something!

“I solved the case, I’ll split the reward and some other schmuck has to deal with the press that goes with this kind of case.” There was more to it than that, Veronica was sure, and perhaps when she wasn’t reeling from the fact that they might be coming into some much-needed money, she would do something to figure out what it was.

“At least we’ll get something out of it, I guess.” She took another long sip from her glass, wincing when a piece of ice brushed against her teeth, sending a brief spark of pain through her.

“Well it’s definitely steak tonight,” he raised one eyebrow playfully as he walked into the kitchen and set about putting away the plates and cups that had been languishing in the dishwasher for the last few days. Determined to find another topic of conversation he kicked closed the dishwasher and leaned back against the breakfast bar, “So how is school?”

To hide the flush that suddenly infused her cheeks, Veronica looked down at the floor. “Oh fine, everything’s good,” she wasn’t going to mention anything that was going on at school, the frequent disagreements with Wallace about his mom and her dad dating, or the strangely addictive make out sessions with Logan in the girls’ bathroom.

“So there’s nothing you want to tell me?” he knew that something was up, Veronica never got embarrassed about anything, she was very upfront, unless she was hiding something.

“Um…nope, definitely nothing,” she smiled at him and then took another gulp of her soda, desperately hoping that the flush on her cheeks would quickly disappear. ”So you don’t want to tell him that you’re getting busy with my Logan then Veronica?” Lilly’s image flashed before her eyes for a moment, her voice singsong, her lips puckered as she pretended to kiss her hand passionately. Shaking her head Veronica erased the image, *Nope, definitely don’t want to tell him about that!*

“Well if you’re sure,” Keith picked up the keys to his car and headed for the door. “You know that you can talk to me about anything…” It was down to her now. If she wanted to tell him anything then he would be there to listen, but it was her choice.

“I know, thanks Dad,” she bit the flesh of her inner cheek hard as she fought back the tears that threatened to fall. This was ridiculous, she had this insane urge to call Logan, to tell him all about everything, about Jake Kane and her mom, about the rape, about everything, but their relationship wasn’t like that, it was hot, it was flaring passion, it was about not mentioning those things that could hurt.


“So I hear you’ve come into some money. Can I hit you up for a loan?” Wallace stuffed half a sandwich into his mouth and stared at her with a funny pleading puppy dog look on his face.

“You can have whatever is left after we pay the rent, the car payments, buy food and get me a new pair of shoes!” Fluttering her lashes at her best friend, she opened her purse and emptied the change out onto the table. “I think that there might be about 70cents.” She counted through her change, focusing intently on what she was doing, determined that she wasn’t going to turn around, fully aware that Logan had joined the 09er table directly behind her.

Like a spy sharing secrets, Wallace shifted around the table and, leaned in close to whisper in Veronica’s ear, as though what he was about to share or ask was something he wanted no one else to hear, “I heard some rumours that Duncan Kane was brought back on Sunday, and that he’s been sent to Audsley Sanitorium. Have you heard anything?”

Audsley Sanitorium was the most exclusive psychiatric unit in the state, visited by only the richest and most famous after breakdowns, it did for those who had breakdowns what the Betty Ford Clinic did for alcoholics, kept them anonymous and in the lap of luxury.

Making a mental note to do a little bit of investigation of her own, Veronica shook her head. “No idea, dad told me that he passed the case on, said that he could do without the publicity where the Kane name was concerned. I don’t blame him really.”

“Don’t look now but the ass-holes are on parade,” Veronica followed Wallace’s line of sight and had to force back the lame grin on her face, she didn’t want Wallace having any idea of her other ‘extra curricular’ activities, especially where Logan was concerned.

*Need to see you* Veronica watched Logan’s lips form the words and she nodded enough that he noticed it. “Well…I’ve got to go and see Mac about something, my laptop still isn’t booting up properly, think that there’s some kind of virus on the hard disk or something.” Without pausing to hear what Wallace had to say, Veronica grabbed her bag up from under the table and shot off in the direction of the computer labs.

“Like I don’t know where you’re going, Veronica Mars,” Wallace watched her run into the main building with a wry expression on his face, did the girl really think he was that blind?


She walked into the girls’ bathroom in the main ground floor corridor, opposite the Journalism class, just before Logan casually pushed open the door and stepped into the empty room, his sneakers making a quiet squeaking noise on the tiled floor. She was in his arms, his lips covering hers, before she had a chance to say anything at all, her breath stolen. Placing her hands on his arms, she broke the kiss, gasping for breath, pushing away from him a little. He leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers, his heart pounding loudly in his chest, the blood rushing madly through his veins.

“What if this is the sort of talking I had in mind?” he used his hands to tilt her head a little to the side and brushed a light kiss across her speeding pulse point, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her – he knew that she rarely wore any perfume.

“Is it?” She pulled out of his embrace and turned to face the counter, splashing her face with a few handfuls of cold water, studying his reflection in the mirror.

“No,” he agitatedly brushed his fingers through his hair, making it look even more as though he hadn’t bothered to style it properly – although that was really how it was meant to look. “Have you heard about Duncan?”

“That he’s in Audsley?” Veronica lifted her hair away from her neck and fanned the hot skin for a moment, leaning forward on a sigh when Logan brushed his lips against the heated, sensitive skin. “Wallace told me at lunch.” She closed her eyes and her head lolled forward as the sensation of his tongue brushing the almost invisible hairs on the back of her neck sent shivers down her spine. “Logan…” his name was a breathy sigh on her lips. He worked his hands underneath her jacket and t-shirt and cupped her breasts, holding the supple mounds encased in their pale cream lace, his slightly callused thumbs caressing the hardening nipples, eliciting a moan from her parted lips.

Reaching between their bodies, Veronica unbuttoned Logan’s over-shirt and spun in his arms, her fingers smoothing over his chest, causing his stomach muscles to ripple.

Suddenly, as though her senses had just returned, Veronica shook her head, her hair covering her face for a moment like a veil before she brushed it away. “We’ve got to stop…” she took a deep breath and looked up at Logan through lowered lashes. She could see the way that this was affecting him, his face was slightly flushed, his eyes dark with arousal, his breathing fast and deep.

Frustrating coursing through him, Logan buttoned his shirt and then thrust his hands deep into his jacket pockets, forming them into tight fists to stop himself from touching her. He knew that she was talking sense, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want her, that the fiery desire had stopped flowing through his veins.

Veronica watched him in the mirror as his mouth opened and he struggled to form the words he wanted to say, “After class,” he finally managed before turning on his heel and leaving the girls’ bathroom, the door silently closing after him. This hadn’t quite gone as she had planned – not that she had actually planned it properly – she hadn’t intended to touch him so much, but it seemed where Logan Echolls was concerned she had very little control, and that annoyed her.

Stalking out of the bathroom, her bag flung over her shoulder, her lips newly glossed, her hair tied back to hide the mess that Logan’s fingers had done to it, Veronica made her way to her locker, ignoring the looks that she garnered from the few that had seen Logan leave the room a few moments before.

Perhaps later they would get around to having the conversation that they barely started before Logan had managed to distract her, she really did want to find out what he knew about Duncan, but it could wait just a little while.

20 thoughts on “Untitled (Logan/Veronica)

  1. That was just lovely.

    Thank you for distracting me from the test I have to take in 45 minutes.

    I really needed that.

    You’ve got a lovely story going on here — can’t wait to see what you do with it.


    1. Thank you. I hope that the next part reaches the same places that this one did. It has been hard going, this is only my third fic in VM, but I am enjoying it, and can’t help wondering if the fandom is going to inspire me in the way that Roswell did (over 60 stories in 18 months)


  2. Excellent

    That was wonderful. I loved each scene, but especially the one between Keith and Veronica regarding her paternity and between Logan and Veronica in the bathroom. The first one was so poignant and completely true to character (and story if that turns out to be the truth – unspoiled here) and the second one made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. So sexy and passionate tinged with a hint of desperation – perfect!



    1. Re: Excellent

      Kate, thank you. I struggled to try and figure out how Keith would react to knowing that Veronica wasn’t his and then I realised that to someone like him it wouldn’t matter. It’s not her fault that he isn’t her father, he would love her just the same.

      And really pleased that the scene in the girls’ bathroom had that effect, I wanted to make it hot without making it too unrealistic. I think that Veronica wants more with Logan, but everything that has happened to her has served to make her a bit cautious, and possibly frustrated at how cautious.


    1. Wow, am saying thank you a lot in this thread, but I really mean it. All the encouragement only makes me want to finish this more. I am glad that the steam/tension made people smile, just hope that I can keep it up for a few more parts 🙂


    1. As soon as I have written more that meets my standards it will be here. This took longer than I had planned, but then people kept on coming and asking me things at work.


    1. Glad you enjoyed, this fic has been beating my muse up for the last week and a half, really pleased that it is finally out there, much longer than I had intended – for a first part, but really pleased that people are enjoying what I have written.


  3. I love it. Veronica and Logan especially. I can’t wait to see how everyone finds out about their relationship. Duncan more than everyone else. I really can’t imagine how he is going to react to that.

    Please write more soon.


    1. Thank you – all I have to do now is figure out how I want that to happen and write it – not too big a task there 🙂


    1. Ahhhh, you have discovered my evil plan, now I must write more so you are further corrupted and turned to the side of the ‘ship that is Logan and Veronica *twirls imaginery black handlebar moustache*


    1. Well without that book you sent me I probably wouldn’t have been writing anymore of the “Kisses” so it is down to you 🙂 glad you enjoyed.


  4. Wow… I like how the story took a different path, and I loved that it’s still quite obvious that they were doing something in the girls washroom… heee, they come out right after the other, people stare. *perfect*


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