It’s been a few days

Good grief. It’s Thursday and for the first time in probably forever I am feeling perky and positive. I actually bought new clothes this week, a really nice skirt and top (in a dark chocolate colour) and a jogging suit style outfit (it’s all in this lovely khaki green). Today I am going to buy some more (no, I don’t have the money, but store cards do have some uses). I saw another tiered skirt on Tuesday when I bought the chocolate linen and although when I saw it I didn’t like it that much, it has grown on me, the more I think about it the more I want to buy it, so I will, this lunch time.

I have been writing again. Until last night I was writing a relatively fluffy Veronica/Logan piece which followed what might have happened after their first kiss, but after seeing last nights, and reading a few spoilers for what is coming up: specifically the results of the DNA test that Keith sent off this week, and the discovery of Logan’s involvement in her rape (No, I am not ever going to say that I think he did it because I don’t), I decided that I wanted to write something that had a little more angst in it…at the moment it is a lot of guess work because I am not sure where I want it to go, but I want it to be more in line with the show than what I had been writing previously. Don’t get me wrong, the fluff is good (I hope) and I will be finishing Aftermath but right now I am trying to get something down that is more emotional, more angst-ridden, and hopefully just as readable.

Before that I am going to do my own recap of events in Tuesday’s VM (if you get UPN and haven’t been watching, have never watched, are watching One Tree Hill [WHY?] then please give this show a chance, UPN are going to be airing the whole of the first season again over the summer so all you people who haven’t seen get a chance to), because I think that although it didn’t seem that way, a lot happened/was revealed.

The talk between Veronica and Weevil was very interesting, it is obvious that he is hiding something from her about Lilly, but I doubt very much he is going to tell her what it is any time soon. He is very loyal to Lilly’s memory, the fact that he would rather be in jail than share what he knows makes that quite apparent. Is the secret that she was keeping (and going to share on the day that she was murdered) something to do with Weevil?

Were Lilly and Weevil secretly married in some clandestine ceremony in Las Vegas? Was she (as some surmise) pregnant with his baby, or the baby of some other man that we have yet to learn the identity of? Or was it something that much darker? Did she know the truth about Lianne Mars and Jake Kane? I know that some are saying “But she seemed so happy when she told Veronica she had a secret…” we aren’t taking into account Lilly’s nature when we think this. Lilly was someone who, as Logan said recently, “Lived to piss off her parents…” Someone who had such a juicy secret wouldn’t be thinking about how a secret such as the Lianne/Jake relationship would affect anyone else, all she would be thinking about is the damage that she could cause her parents, especially her mother – who just ‘tolerated’ her. I am dying to find out, but at the same time, doing my best not to over-think it because I fear that by doing so I will miss something.

I have to say it, the Logan/Veronica stuff on Tuesday was electric. Their kisses are passionate, and the awkwardness and embarrassment when they are trying not to say anything, yet at the same time saying a fair amount with their eyes, and body language, is so cute (yep, I used the word cute). It’s easy to see that they are very attracted to each other, and I am amazed that they are actually handling it pretty maturely, considering…They know that they have a lot of history, neither of them understand where any of these feelings are coming from (although as a viewer I can honestly say from the first time I saw them interacting together I knew that there was something more there than pure hatred). I have said it before, and I will say it again, they are the Michael and Maria (Roswell) of Neptune (thank Caryl for initially pointing it out to me, but once she did I could really see it)…all that UST disguised so well as dislike and disdain suddenly exploding when they are in a dangerous/frightening situation (think River Dog for all those that ever watched the late, lamented alien show).

Aaron Echolls, wow, his reaction to Dylan Goran, the would-be producer boyfriend of his only daughter (that we know about), Trina. Some are saying “The music lightened something that shouldn’t have been viewed as comedy”, but I am with the other party on this. Part of me was cheering Aaron, willing him to hit the bastard harder (I have been in a violent relationship that didn’t end very well), but then the other part of me realised that he was only reinforcing that violence, and like for like doesn’t really solve anything. If you love someone, no matter how violent they are towards you, then for a considerable time you will ignore that and look for the person you are so sure they are (in actual fact this is some form of snow blindness, seeing something that doesn’t exist because you have been looking for it for so long).

Logan’s reaction to the violence he walked in on was telling. His (almost) lack of reaction was terrifying…it said so clearly “I’ve seen this, I’ve lived this, it has no affect on me anymore,” and more than anything that is scary. You shouldn’t be so used to seeing that kind of reaction in anyone that you no longer look upon it as anything but what it is, upsetting, scary, wrong! Veronica knows that there is something up in the Echolls’ household, has this perhaps opened her eyes to Logan a little more? Let her see that he isn’t a cocky bastard all the time (although planting her lips on his a few times might already tell us that she is seeing more to him already!

It was so nice to see Alyson Hannigan playing the bitch. She is so often typecast, the little nerdish girl (both in Buffy – even when she was “gay witchy” Willow I still thought of her as “Has a crush on Xander and likes computers and homework” Willow – and the American Pie movies – band camp Michelle who has a kinky side, but talks about “band camp” too much!), or you don’t see her. Well, this was her last episode (hopefully just for this season) as fame-seeking, money-hungry Trina and it was good (part of me hopes that the comedy pilot she has going doesn’t get picked up so we can see more of Trina in Neptune). Her relationship with Logan is so strained, they really are like real siblings who don’t get on. Trina is all about the fame and fortune (I loved it when she said “Did she take me out of her will too” only to be told that she wasn’t in it in the first place), she believes that she is wonderful, and is sure that because she believes it, everyone else will too. I wonder if the beating that she witnessed will make her consider everything that Logan has told her about their father in the past.

This episode did answer a few questions. Weevil stealing the ‘secret-keeper’ pen from Lilly’s room makes me realise that there are some secrets still to be discovered about Lilly’s character. Veronica cannot really be that blind to her best friend’s true character, surely? I want to find out what drove Lilly, we know that she lived to piss off and alienate her parents, but why keep a (possibly) deadly secret from her best friend…Having a curiosity driven personality much like Veronica’s I can’t help but feel distressed by not knowing, but this does not mean that I will be hitting up the spoiler pages and the episode summary pages before the season finale airs in my home (which is a day or more later than the real airtime in the US) to find out who did it.

Wow, that was a longer ramble than I had planned to write, and a longer entry (except for fiction) than I have made in an age. Wonder when my life (see the beginning) will actually be that exciting again LOL. riverchic1998 don’t you dare laugh.

Raye signing off.

ETA: My bloody domain hosts are useless. I have had three emails from them, not one of them actually answering the questions that I have asked them, such as “BILLING, can you please?”, and “refund me my money, I need it”. They are obviously reeping the interest on my overpaid bill, which is enough to rile me up anyway (banks and their delays in paying things because they want the interest are another, but that’s something else entirely)…

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