What is it with spam? I have an email account that has been set up for just ONE thing, I never use it to send email, so no one should (theoretically) have it in their address book, anywhere. It is admittedly listed on my website (on one single page) but that is it. Is that enough that people now send me crappy junk mail about penis enlargers (dude, I am a girl!) and cheap ass crap software?

I woke up this morning and I had 2 emails in this unused inbox (so unused that I never get email related to it actually in it) both of them promising me something cheap, I think one was Office (or the cheapy version of it) and the other was, yes, yet another offer to “Get it to last longer” from someone with a name that has lots of ‘0’s in it.

My hotmail account is another one that gets nothing but junk. If I don’t check it for a day I will go back and find that the bulk mail folder (which I have set up as a home for all the mail from people whose email addresses I don’t recognise) is full to the brim with “Make her happy…” “Gr0w it b1gger…” etc etc. Everytime I clean out the box I ask it to block mail of this type, and every day I go back and more is in there. I think the most I received was 40 junk mails to that account in one day. It’s ridiculous.

Speaking of websites and issues with them. I got a response (finally after a week) from my domain hosts. Sometimes I think that people who work in their office are thick. I was so angry last friday that I sent the mail to two addresses (I wasn’t really paying attention to what I did with the email after I typed it) and yesterday I got a reply, one was basically saying that they were charging me for something I didn’t have (although they didn’t say that, they just said “We are charging you for your MS SQL database”) I never ordered one of those, they are nearly £200 do I look like I am made of money?

Anyway, needless to say I responded to them, and then I found that they had responded to my other (I sent one? at the time I didn’t realise) email saying “Please in future only send one response, sending more means that we take longer to respond to other people…” yep, that’s the excuse you are going with to explain why it took you over a week to respond to my question? And they still didn’t answer my question about lack of billing notice…or why they billed me nearly a month early, or why they hadn’t sent me an invoice so I could say yes or no…bastards.

Well, that’s my rant, hopefully that will be it for the week (I can’t guarantee it, there is still a whole day at work to go yet).

On a good note, I have been doing some work on both Obscurus and Bewitching. They now both have some very clean graphics, hopefully this will make them a bit less harsh on the eyes, and you will enjoy looking at them.

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