<—me screaming at the injustice that is the fact that currently I can't find last night's Veronica Mars to download.

Yes, I am well aware that of late my posts have been relatively inconsequential to anyone but me, but if I wrote down really what I was thinking I am sure someone, somewhere, would try and have me put away in a mental institute.

I don't feel very well today, woke up feeling chronically sick and congested and really want nothing more than to stay in bed and sleep. I am not sure if this is because I really am not enjoying work, of it is just because I don't feel well. Either way I know that I will ignore this feeling and go into the office anyway, where I will sit and stare at the computer screen and wish I was at home.

Guilt is a strange thing it makes you do things that others think unusual or weird, in my case it makes me forget to eat (I didn't have any food until I got home from work last night), it also makes me go to work when I am unwell (possibly contagious in some cases) and work harder than I would normally. The strangest thing about it all is I have nothing to feel guilty about I am not a big liar, I haven’t seen anyone to hurt their feelings and I don’t have a boyfriend to cheat on…bugger!

ETA: Don’t you just love my new icon? Laura riverchic1998 made it after one of our particularly strange conversations.

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