Another day another update

Well the psycho bitch from hell hasn’t spoken to me, in fact today she left at 12, so I didn’t speak to her at all. Perhaps she senses I want to push her through a window?

I have little news, I am still waiting to hear from about their appalling behaviour with my money, my poor bank balance is already well into the red and it’s getting worse as the minutes tick by. i am livid yet I can do absolutely nothing and feel helpless.

Currently I am just ticking down the hours until tomorrow evening are here, that means that I will have started my VM download (see my supportive shipper icon) and will finally see who is right, Neptunesite or Kristin (mantra…let it be Neptunesite…let it be Neptunesite!).

Well, here is me signing off. As I said, no news…and sometimes that can be considered good news.

As an aside: I have finished this months library bookclub book “The Wild Sargasso Sea”. If you liked Jane Eyre you will love it, if you are like me and found the book to be a pile of drivel that you struggled to get through then my recommendation is not to bother with it, read something else!

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