Just when you think you’re safe…

That should actually read…just when I think I am safe because it really is. I have tried, I really really have, I seem to have little to no willpower…I am trying to write original stuff (I am not doing too bad at it), and then I discover that Logan and Veronica are going to have a full-on snog on tomorrow’s Veronica Mars and all ideas go out the window but the one little voice screaming in my head “WRITE SOME LoVe smut…” damnit, I don’t want to write it, but I do (does this make sense?)…so it looks like original ideas won’t work until I have actually written this smut (so guess what I am doing this week…).

For anyone who has never seen it on my flist, I seriously recommend you d/l the pilot ep and watch it. I thought “Oh god no way…” when I heard the “Buffy meets the O.C” description (I can’t stand the vapidity of the O.C…but I was pleasantly surprised and recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a show they have to think about.

Anyway, just so people know I am writing, this is my post telling you what I have planned.

I had training today on budgets (all day) and I wanted nothing more than to go home after sitting in a hot office with no ventilation and 8 computers for over 7 hours. When I returned to my office one of my bosses (whose name is Janet and she is normally a difficult woman anyway) had sent me an email. The tone was insulting and she was very rude about work that had taken me almost all day on Friday. I read through the email a few times and was tempted to go and throw her through a window (if she had actually been in the office when I got there then I think she may well have found herself experiencing this). She was very rude and I felt as though I could have easily cried.

The fact that I got this email when I had no way to defend myself (as she wasn’t there) makes me even more angry, because she was talking out of her butt…the stuff she wanted wasn’t available and therefore I couldn’t provide her with it, but with her this doesn’t matter.

I have been taking deep breaths in an effort to calm myself down since I got on the bus to come home, but I am still angry, and the fact that I still haven’t heard anything from my domain hosts doesn’t make me feel any more positive. I think that I need to watch the preview for tomorrow’s Veronica (with the kiss) to make my little LoVe’rs heart feel better.

2 thoughts on “Just when you think you’re safe…

    1. I wish that it were that easy. One day there may well be an incident in my workplace involving a chisel, a hammer and her head against a wall (then through it)…she is seriously pissing off a lot of people at the moment, and there is only so much patience the death of a very elderly relative will afford someone where I am concerned (especially if I don’t like the person to start with).


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