Shock of the desperate kind

I went and checked my bank balance today – not something I do that often – only to discover that there was almost £200 missing from my bank account.

Well, of course I nearly died of shock, I am really careful where I buy from online with my credit and debit cards, and I was sure that I hadn’t spent the money that was missing (I have been trying to save for the course and everything). Finding that my money had almost completely gone (and it’s only the 8th of April) was enough to make me feel more than a little bit sick. So I came home and checked my bank balance.

STREAMLINENET are at it again. Many of you will remember the nightmare that I had with my domain hosts last year when they screwed things up chronically with my SQL databases, and were impossible to get hold of…well this year they have gone one better…they have a) billed me without asking whether I intended to renew b) not sent me a bill and c) (this is my favourite) overcharged me for the domain and databases (by nearly £100).

Well, now they are proving elusive. My bank balance is crying at the withdrawal (which I wasn’t prepared for) and I can’t get hold of anyone to tell them to give me the money back before I make an official complaint about their unauthorised removal of money from my bank account…anyway, freak out hopefully will be over before the end of the weekend, if I don’t hear from them soon I really am going to start having a proper pissy fit the likes of which they won’t want to see!

2 thoughts on “Shock of the desperate kind

  1. Bloody hell!

    Considering the nightmare last time around, I’d recommend telling the bank now. This was done without your permission, having the bank fix it should scare them more than anything else.

    From what I could remember, these guys weren’t local. When you talk to the bank, ask them who you should be talking about to file a complaint. See if there’s an ombudsman or trade commission who can beat them with a stick when they rip people off.


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