On with the story again!

I have finished it. Purely Business is now done and over 🙂

TITLE: Purely Business
DISTRIBUTION: Eventually Obscurus and my own site, currently just here
DISCLAIMER: Yup, it’s law, they aren’t mine, unfortunately. If they were then Blaise would be tied to my bed!
FEEDBACK: If you feel I have earned it then please send it.
DEDICATION: To Karen, Erin, Echo and Laura

Part 1
Part 2

Luna contemplated ignoring the doorbell, she was so relaxed, her body warm from the bathwater, her mind calm and slightly numb from the large glass of white wine. She pushed the plug back into the plughole with her big toe and ducked under the water until her long hair was soaked, the wet tangles clinging to her shoulders and back – making it itch just a little bit. The doorbell rang again, this time whoever it was had decided to leave their finger on the button – unless of course their finger was stuck!

Finally, fed up with the sound of the high-pitched tone echoing through the hallway, Luna stood up and clambered out of the bath. After wrapping herself in the large, thick towelling robe that hung on the back of the bathroom door, she stalked impatiently down the hall and pulled open the front door. “What is it?” she almost growled, her hands clenched into tight fists in the deep pockets of her robe.

“Miss Lovegood?” A young man stood awkwardly shifting from foot to foot on her doorstep, he was holding a rather large package in his arms and wore a bright orange cap, with the name of a well-known delivery company plastered on the side of it, on his head.

“Yes? What do you want?” She wasn’t in the mood to be nice. It likely wasn’t the boy’s fault that she had been disturbed in the middle of her very rare me-time, but he was still the one who had been insistently ringing the doorbell, and that was enough for her.

“I have a package for you. Sign here?” He placed the package in her hands and then produced a small notebook and quill. Blinking, Luna put the package on the floor at her feet carefully and took the quill, signing her name with a flourish on the pad before handing it back to him.

“Thank you,” she smiled and picked up the rather heavy box again, curious as to who had sent her a gift.

“Have a nice evening, Miss Lovegood.” The delivery boy tipped his cap at her and then walked over to the stairs and started to descend.

Unable to tamp down her curiosity, Luna quickly closed the door with one foot before walking down the hallway and into the lounge where she placed the parcel on the floor and set about unwrapping it. “Airholes?” she wondered to herself as she pulled away the dark blue and silver paper. As she tugged open the lid, she couldn’t hold back the small gasp of surprise that left her. Inside the box, curled up on a soft nest of straw and newspaper, was a tiny white and grey Kneazle kitten with the hugest bluest eyes she had ever seen. “Ooh, aren’t you a cutie?” she cooed as she picked the kitten up and placed it on her lap. Tiny claws dug into her thigh, but she ignored the sharp sting as she focused on the kitten curling up into her, stroking the white and grey dappled fur gently.

Soothed by the sound of the kitten purring against her leg, Luna closed her eyes for a few moments, a sigh on her lips when she realised that she couldn’t just sit here and appreciate the calm. Someone had sent her a pet and she had no idea who it was. Placing the kitten on a cushion she pulled from the pile on her sofa, she set about pulling the box to pieces, searching for a clue. Finally she took the time to look at the reverse side of the wrapping paper, stunned when she read the note that had been clearly written on the shiny white surface:

She reminded me of you, all cute and cuddly, with sharp claws.

Until next we meet,


“He thinks I’m cute and cuddly,” she hissed as she tore the note into tiny shreds and threw them all in the bin. Looking over at the kitten, Luna realised that she could no more send this gift back than she could cut off her left arm – she was, afterall, left handed – but he had obviously planned this well, trying to seduce her by giving her gifts she could never return.

All the banging as Luna destroyed all evidence of the box and paper that the Kneazle had arrived in, served well to ease some of her irritation at his presumptuousness, it also woke the newest resident of the only flat in the “No Quibbles” building, sending her jumping off the small cushion and plodding tiredly through the flat to find the source of the noise. “Are you hungry?” Luna asked the mewling kitten as her fur rubbed against Luna’s bare leg. “I wonder what I’ve got for you to eat.” Luna, who was not a great cook and tended to send out for most of her food using the FFN (Floo Food Network), had very little in her cupboards or fridge in the way of food. Sure, she had the usual, eggs, chocolate, ice cream and a couple of bottles of wine, but none of that was really suitable for an animal. “Oh well, it looks like I am going to have to go shopping.”

Sighing rather loudly, Luna walked into her bedroom opened her wardrobe and pulled out a thick bright red wool jumper (one that Molly Weasley had knitted her when she was still at school) and a pair of baggy faded jeans. After pulling on her underwear, a pair of tatty greying knickers that she saved for days when she wasn’t going to work, and a pair of thick gym socks that kept her feet warm in her trainers, Luna dressed in the bright jumper and comfy jeans. “You stay here, kitten,” Luna mumbled into the Kneazle’s fur, nuzzling her lovingly. “I’ll be back soon with some food for you.” She put the kitten down and left the flat, only able to apparate once she had left the secure confines of the building completely.

Shopping was not her favourite pastime. She apparated into the middle of a very busy Diagon Alley – it was after all only 7.30 in the evening, the time when many people left the workplace in the days of generous overtime pay. She barged through the crowds gathered outside Quality Quidditch Supplies and Weasley Wizard Wheezes – those two shops were the most popular and always the busiest in the town – she made her way over to Eeylops Pet Emporium, the only place in London she knew of that sold the food her Kneazle kitten would eat for her first few months.

After pushing her way through the seeming hoards of children ahh-ing over the various cute pets in the middle of the small shop, Luna was finally able to purchase enough of the centaur-grown grain and polgar fruit mix to last her a few weeks.

She was just coming out of the shop when she spotted a familiar head in the swelling crowd in front of her. For a few moments she considered just apparating home and ignoring the sudden urge she had to thank Blaise for his gift, but her good manners and desire won out.

“Blaise…Blaise wait!” she pushed through the crowd, a little breathless by the time she was close enough to reach out and tap him on the shoulder. “I just wanted to thank you for the kitten…”

With a cocksure smile Blaise turned round, ignoring the man who elbowed him in the ribs, and the woman who stuck one high-heel into his foot. “How about we go somewhere and discuss how you can thank me!” he raised one eyebrow and winked at her, then clasped her outstretched hand in one of his and pulled her after him out of the crowd and into the darkened doorway of a shop on the corner of Diagon and Nocturne Alley.

Luna stared at him, mouth agape as she tried to take in what he had just said. It was apparent that he expected more than just words, and she was torn between slapping him around the face – that would knock the smug smirk off his face – or leaping into his arms and giving him what he wanted. “She wasn’t that great a gift, Zabini,” her voice turned a little chilly, her eyes narrowing as she watched, with satisfaction, his shoulders droop a little, the spark of surety fading from his eyes. “I still had to buy her food, and she needs a bed, a litter tray and other things…”

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” the grin was back, bigger and smugger than ever. Luna’s fingers itched to feel the coolness of his skin heat under a forceful slap. “How about you invite me back to yours so I can make sure the little kit is settling in?”

Rolling her eyes, and feeling a little as though she was being completely and utterly manipulated, Luna nodded her head, grasped the bag of Kneazle food tighter under one of her arms – although she was tempted to dump it over Blaise’s head – and, after grasping Blaise’s left-hand tightly in hers, apparated them back to the “No Quibbles” building.

As she punched in the keycode to get into the building, Luna was hyper-aware of the man standing so close to her back he could almost be a part of her, his hands rested lightly on her hips, and his breath was hot on the sensitive dip at the nape of her neck. She almost dropped her keys, and the food, when he dipped his tongue into the shell of her ear, and she thought that she was going to go insane when he started to murmur all his desires against her cheek.

Sighing with relief, Luna moved away from him when the door to the building popped open. Taking the stairs two at a time, she unlocked and opened the front door to her flat, not surprised to find the white and grey kitten was sitting in the hallway mewling pathetically. “It’s okay, cutie,” Luna leaned down and scooped the kitten into her free hand and walked into the kitchen, “I got you some food.”

After pouring some food into a small blue and black saucer and placing the kitten right in front of it, Luna grabbed a bottle of wine and two chilled glasses from the fridge and walked into the lounge. Blaise was already sitting on the well-cushioned settee, his eyes were closed and his chin was touching his chest as he snored quietly.

Laughing quietly under her breath, Luna watched him sleeping for a moment, then picked up the heavy tartan throw from the back of the armchair and placed it over him, careful not to wake him up.

Wondering exactly what demon was making her do it, she leaned forward and pressed a light kiss to his cheek, then headed for the bedroom where she had dropped her Poirot book and dressing gown. Perhaps she would get a little bit more reading done now.

Of course tomorrow she would have to deal with Blaise Zabini and the uninvited sleepover, but for now that could wait, she had plenty of other things to get on with, including naming her new best friend, who had already finished her food and was clawing enthusiastically at the fronds of a spider plant in the corner of Luna’s bedroom.

Luna always had problems sleeping, usually it was because of the promise of a juicy story for The Quibbler, sometimes it was because she had eaten too much or too little, but tonight her sleeplessness and uneasiness was due to the man in the next room. She could hear his soft snoring through the door, could smell the subtle aftershave he was wearing as the air conditioning kicked in. Closing her eyes she tossed and turned for what seemed like hours. She felt the Kneazle kitten settle against her feet, tiny paws batting her toes, but still she couldn’t sleep.

It was nearly two-thirty when finally Luna drifted into a peaceful slumber, partly due to pure exhaustion, but mostly because Blaise had joined her on the bed, above the covers, his hot skin brushing against hers as he moved to get comfortable. His slightly slurred voice only hinting at the desire normally dripping from his pores, even as he wrapped his arms around her, nuzzled his face in the curve of her throat and fell asleep again.


I know that I left a few storylines open – that is for a reason…and I know that many of my stories end with smut, perhaps this one will, perhaps there will be an epilogue. Currently I am not sure what I want to do, but I thought that the ‘awww’ factor was a good thing to end on…don’t you? 🙂

On another note I have finally sent off my college application form and hopefully will be getting back the stuff that states “You are now a university student” believe it or not I can’t wait!

6 thoughts on “On with the story again!

    1. Hopefully not too cute, right? I don’t want it leaving the taste of oversweetened meringue in the mouth!


  1. she was so relaxed, her body warm from the bathwater, her mind calm and slightly numb from the large glass of white wine a feeling I am very familiar with tonight : )

    This was a very nice ending. I’m glad you left it slightly open rather than wrapping everything up in a nice domestic bow.


    1. Well you know me, it’s lucky the story was finished at all really…especially as I was stretched to figure out anything, notice how the poor little Kneazle still doesn’t have a name? LOL…I might write the smut at some point in the future (haven’t written any for a while, so I don’t want to go off the boil!) but at the moment they are, unfortunately for them, going to remain very frustrated.


  2. Your B/L is always a treat. I’m glad I didn’t indulge when I wanted to and actually waited until I got hom from work. I needed it then.

    And as usual, your writing inspires me to write some of my own.


    1. You mean we’re going to get some fic (I do mean more you know…I know how much you have written of late, but the thought of more has me bouncing, which considering what I came home to this evening is a miracle)…YAY 🙂

      Really glad that it has inspired you, I struggled to get this finished, but I had to, I want to at least get something finished, as I am not writing much else…and my writing time (at work) is reduced considerably next week when I take part in a wonderful training course all about new Budget procedures!


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