Do not adjust your computer screens

You aren’t seeing things. I am indeed updating for the third time in two days – wow, a record, right? (Well, for me at any rate).

I’m only really updating to:
a) gloat over the fact that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow
b) write a review of the film I went and saw tonight

Where to start with this one? Well, it’s definitely different to the normal “man is suave, sophisticated and the girl falls right at his feet” movie, in that (and here be spoilers folks) he doesn’t get the girl right off. But, having said that, if I were the guy I wouldn’t want the annoying, self-righteous, whiny bitch that Eva Mendes is. I can’t say that I recall seeing her in much else, is she always this annoying?

Will Smith was back to his almost comedic best with his role as Alex Hitchens(sp?) and I have to admit that I love Kevin James (I really enjoy watching King of Queens), who plays the endearing Albert, a clumsy, overweight accountant who is in love with the elusive, wealthy client Allegra Cole (played by Amber Valletta).

The movie had points (as do all comedies) where I wanted to sink through the floor groaning, they were trite and uncomfortable, but what it lacked in certain areas it certainly made up for with a quick, witty script that wasn’t (for a change) full of one-liners.

Some of Will’s lines as the ‘cynic’ Hitch made me want to throw up, or at least throw some popcorn at the screen “Because that’s what people do. They leap, and hope to God they can fly, because otherwise. you just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the HELL did I jump? But here I am, Sarah, falling, and the only one that makes me feel like I can fly… is you.”

While I enjoyed this film I can’t honestly give it a whole-hearted 2 thumbs up, mostly because whoever did the casting forgot one massive factor in casting lead roles for a romantic comedy and that is “Never pick a woman who will bug the shit out of other women before the film has managed to get underway”.

While I feel that Amber Valletta was well cast in her role as the wealthy and wholesome (she didn’t always wear makeup) Allegra, Eva Mendes was annoying as all get out and I wanted to just slap her.

I give Hitch 1 thumb up and eagerly await my next visit to the movies (Friday I am going to see Robots).

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