Further notice of pattern

Well it seems I am at least consistant in one thing. Feel bored? Change your LJ appearance even if you update it less than the diary you have to physically handwrite in!

So here it is, the new look LJ courtesy of themes I am too lazy to change (although I keep on telling myself I am as far from pastel as you can get without wearing bright red everyday!).

Nothing massively creative here, I am working on some new icons (I have some ideas as to what I want on them at least), and at some point I will be doing some screencaps from Bride and Prejudice (the Darcy in that is almost, and I stress the almost here as lovely as Colin Firth in that he is not the guy they have picked for the big screen opposite a poorly miscast Kiera Knightley as Lizzie (oh why why why did they do that?).

I am sitting at my desk wishing that the next two hours would disappear. It’s not that I have anything massively exciting planned for the evening, but it means that I am closer to yet another four day weekend (yep, booked those two days off and got them approved) and the day is over so I can actually do things I want to do without looking over my shoulder every few minutes.

I know that this is too late to reach you, but I am hoping that you (riverchic1998) have a wonderful time away in Washington DC, and look after yourself.

Also, slythhearted start to feel better soon. Isn’t it always a total bitch when you get sick while you have days off? Also, good luck tomorrow.

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