A Pattern Emerges

It seems like there really is a pattern emerging with my journal updates. Oooh, nothing’s happened in my life, better write it down! Anyway, just a small update on the goings on in the life of me.

1. Went to my sister’s on Friday, we (like most of the rest of the western world) had the day off for religious holidays (not that I care what a day off is actually for, it was a day off!). Spent the day being followed around by my oldest nephew (he’s seven) and playing Yu-Gi-Oh, I am apparently the only grown up who knows how to play the game well enough to play against him (I honestly don’t know how that happened).

2. Saturday spent most of the day pretending that I was going to write something – this translates to – had a file open and kept on looking at it on the screen.

3. Sunday, did absolutely nothing at all. Watched crap TV and contemplated taking some holiday because I hate my job and want to spend as much time away from there as is humanly possible.

4. Monday, regretted the fact that I had spent Sunday doing nothing so I opened up the story I was working on and again spent the day staring at it and wondering whether I should in fact be writing anything on it at all.

5. Tuesday (today), regretted the fact that I had to get up and go to work. Still regret the fact that I have to go to work although I am in fact now up, showered and dressed. Will now be booking two further days off for this week, Thursday (it’s my sister’s birthday) and Friday (am taking Josh and Ellie to the movies to see Robots).

As an aside – I will get around to finishing the third chapter of the Blaise/Luna fic I have been working on, and at some point in the very near future I will be updating my websites (apparently people are now asking about that!).

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