Decisions, Decisions

I have come to a very painful conclusion…my life sucks.

In order to escape from what could very well turn out to be an extremely dull existence I have come to the point in my life where I need to make a very important decision. I need to make some changes, and quick, before it is too late to give myself something worthwhile.

It was while I was talking things through with a colleague at work that I realised something…I want to be a teacher.

So this week I set about looking up part time correspondence courses that I can actually afford, and I found out something…I can actually do this. I can really do this, if I work hard, focus and tell myself that I want it bad enough, and believe me, right now I would just about do anything to escape from the monotony that my existence has become.

Yes, this is a pity party, and guess what…I don’t care. You are welcome to join me, bring balloons, and lots of alcoholic beverages to drink.

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