The week of Author Appreciation in one post

I have been most remiss (as always) in writing of my huge appreciation of fanfic authors across various genres.

In the beginning, when I first started reading fanfic, definitely before I started writing it, I found an author who wrote Spike/Willow fiction (it introduced me to the genre before I knew what ‘ships were or had realised how annoying Buffy was as a character). Her name was Saber Shadowkitten, and even now I can go back and read her Short Silly Stories with a huge smile on my face. Those and their sequel, Higher Learning were something I went back for week on week, just to get the fabulous updates.

Then came the Roswell years, I admit that I wrote a great deal of Roswell fiction myself, but there were a pair of authors who I greatly admired in the genre, Emily and Kara, the authors of the wonderful multi-part series Roswell Elementary. I made a great many friends in this genre, a few of whom I remain in contact with (sketchyatbest being one of them…unfortunately all of her wonderful stories [and they were wonderful] are no longer in a location I am aware of online).

Then came a time when I read Dark Angel, I am sad to say that I can’t remember any of the authors I read there, but the genre was fledgling and lasted but a short period of time.

Now we return to Buffy in what I call the “Dawn/Connor” years. The time when I met Karen Msgordo and started reading her stories, starting with Camp Killalot and Here We Come to Save the Day. Karen’s fic, as I am sure you are aware, is creative, enjoyable and a pure pleasure to read. Her new stuff even includes my two favourite characters, Blaise and Luna, who we will get to in a moment…but just so you can see, if you aren’t already aware (and if you aren’t have you been under a rock) here are a few of her newer stories Bad Boys do it Better, De-nied and the sequel Access Granted, she also writes some really good Stargate crossovers, but it is her Dawn/Conner characterisation that really has me squeeing.

Another fabulous writer, that Karen actually introduced me to the world of is Echo (Spankerella), she is the writer who first introduced me to Harry Potter and Harry Potter crossovers, and initially introduced me to the wonders of Blaise/Luna (see, told you we would get back to them eventually). With her epic A Drop in the Ocean, and its sequel Snake Charming, and I can’t mention Echo without mentioning the fabulous Absolutely Spiffing. This story made me see Percy Weasley the perfect prefect as a human, and I loved every minute of it. And now, we really are returning to Blaise/Luna with the story I Have Never Felt Your Fear, if you haven’t read it already, I seriously suggest you do, I loved it, and continue to reread it when I am in need of a bit of cheering up.

Well, here endeth my belated week of Fanfic Author Appreciation. I would like to take this time to suggest to anyone, if you haven’t already, send some feedback. We do this for our pleasure, but reading that someone has enjoyed our work makes us feel even better.

2 thoughts on “The week of Author Appreciation in one post

    1. You have had a hard time of it of late with the “I want more” “When are you going to write more of such and such…” emails, and I am being honest. I send feedback and stuff, but with this being fanfic author appreciation week, I figured I would spend the time appreciating the authors who I actually enjoy reading. They are few and far between, and you are one of them 🙂


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