Again with the story!

I feel like I have been on a sort of roll with this, and I had to post it because someone I know really badly needs cheering up (I am still thinking about the email!).

So here it is, the second part of the story (the first part can be found here Purely Business Part 1

TITLE: Purely Business
AUTHOR: You know me!
DISTRIBUTION: Not too sure yet
DISCLAIMER: The characters aren’t mine, only the words

When the early morning shift arrived at the paper, Luna was still sleeping in her chair, her ankles crossed on the desk, her long dark-blonde hair falling out of the neat up-do it had been in for the wedding.

Colin Creevey peeked through the glass on the sound-proofed door and then knocked loudly, laughing when Luna suddenly jerked into an upright position, the paperwork on her desk scattering around the office. “You weren’t actually sleeping were you, Lovegood?” he walked into the office and slumped down in the chair on the other side of her desk and crossed his legs. As always he had a camera dangling from his hand and his fingers were smudged with the chemicals used to develop the magical colour photos always used in the weekend supplement.

Sweeping her hands through her hair in an effort to tidy it somewhat, Luna glanced at the clock resting precariously on the edge of her desk and then set about nervously neatening things up a bit. “Well don’t just sit there,” Luna almost yelled at her grinning photographer. “We’ve got a potential backer coming in later on, we don’t want him to see how disorganised we are.” If anything was guaranteed to get Colin actually working, it was the news that there could possibly be more money coming into the Quibbler, this would mean that he might get the printing room he had been banging on about to Luna almost since the day he had started working for her.

“Well why didn’t you say that before? I might even have spent some of my precious weekend helping you with that paperwork,” even as he said the words he was using his wand to collate the papers and file them in the filing cabinet which was, for the most part, unused. “I don’t understand why you don’t just hire yourself a secretary,” he grumped as a particularly large document refused to fit into the magically expanding wallet in the drawer.

“You know why. I am perfectly capable of doing the work…I just hate filing.” Luna shrugged and sat down; sweeping a cursory glance over the office to make sure that it was presentable.

“Well if you ask me,” Luna looked up stunned when a deep familiar voice joined the conversation, “You need someone to come in here and get rid of all that paperwork.”

Luna stared at Blaise Zabini, resplendent in a dark grey pinstripe suit worn underneath a dark grey robe, her mouth open in shock. “What are you doing here?” Flicking a glance over at Colin she could see her prize-winning photographer shaking his head at her, frantically telling her (with a hand around his own throat) to keep her mouth shut.

“I believe that we have a meeting, Miss Lovegood, that should have started nearly 15-minutes ago.” He smoothly removed his robe and hung it on the coat rack, looking at the rickety feature rather dubiously, it was obvious he was wondering how strong it was. “My mind says that you are ready for an investment from Kestrel Inc, but my eyes see disorganisation and lack of preparation.”

Blinking rapidly, trying to take in what Blaise was telling her, Luna wished that she had taken some time to actually inquire more into the investor that Draco had found for her – she should have known that he would find someone from his old house, someone who stank of old money and had a finger in many pies. “So come on, Lovegood,” he leaned back casual and confident in the armchair and smirked. Ttell me why I should invest in your company.”

Luna still couldn’t believe it, he was Kestral Inc, a company that had steadily risen from nothing to become a very powerful corporation both in the UK and abroad. “I think that there has been some kind of mistake.” Luna stood up and attempted to smile sincerely, although it was difficult. “I don’t think that we have anything to discuss, Zabini.” She put a hand out to him and bit back the quiet groan that threatened to escape her lips when a sudden shot of heat seared up her arm at the touch of his warm palm against hers.

“Well now that we have the business over with, Lovegood…” Blaise tugged her closer to him, almost lifting her from her feet, leaving her in a rather awkward position with her body stretched above the desk that separated them. “Now that we are no longer going to be partners, I can do this.”

Before Luna had a chance to move away, to tug her hand from his incredibly powerful grasp, his lips were crashing down on hers, his tongue teasing lightly at the seam of her lips, his kiss consuming her whole. Her body was set on fire as he somehow managed to move the desk (with a wave of the hand?), pulling her body up tight against his own, letting her feel how much her touch was affecting him.

’Luna, you really shouldn’t be doing this,’ the little conscience-driven voice in her head was almost yelling at her, trying to bring her back to her senses. ’It feels so good,’ her less active, desire-led voice was telling her, punching down her conscience, determined to be the winner in this all-out war of inner voices.

Somewhere on the edge of her awareness she heard the door to her office creak open and then close again quickly, Colin! She had forgotten that Colin had been in the room for the meeting. ’See, that’s what lust gets you,’ her conscience screamed. ’So what? It’s not like he hasn’t seen anything like that before,’ the seemingly sensible lust-filled voice replied.

Giving in with a sigh, Luna wrapped her arms around Blaise’s neck and sank further into the kiss, her fingers speared into his curly black hair and she pulled him closer, her lips opening on a quiet moan as his tongue took possession and the kiss ignited an uncontrollable fire in her soul.

Blaise was the first one to realise that there was a glass door and glass windows looking out from her office onto the main floor of the newspaper where people were already busy working on various articles and assignments for the weekend edition. He guided Luna to the settee set into the darkest corner of the office and sat down on it, then pulled her onto his lap. His erection pressed against her backside as he wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his nose in the delicate curve of her neck.

Blinking, Luna suddenly realised what she was doing. She was sitting on Blaise Zabini’s lap, having just been absolutely and thoroughly snogged by him, and he was good. Blinking at the sudden urge she had to strip off her business-suit blouse and rub her breasts him, feel his lips close about them, his strong slender fingers pinching them, Luna suddenly stood up, shaking her head. “Oh no, this is just wrong. So so wrong. You had better go.” She closed her eyes for a moment to regain her focus, and then walked over to the office door, and pulled it open. “Thank you for coming,” her voice was husky, filled with the desires that even now were roaming unchecked through her imagination. The total 18-rated Kama Sutra in living colour was playing as a continuous film in her mind.

Leaning down, Blaise pressed a light sensuous kiss to the delicate skin behind her ear and whispered, “There’s no need to thank me, it was an absolute pleasure.”

As he pulled away from their very brief, and extremely professional, handshake, Blaise dared to brush the tips of his fingers along her palm, a grin on his face when he noticed the way that her silver-blue eyes darkened. “We will continue this later, Lovegood.”

Shivering, Luna watched out of her window as Blaise left the building. The scent of his aftershave lingered in the room for a few hours after he had gone, and Luna found herself disappointed when it finally went.

At five-thirty, Luna realised that she hadn’t eaten all day, nor had she taken the break she had planned to after her morning meeting. She packed up all her things, wrote a few notes to the night workers (who normally expected to see her for a few hours of their shift) and wrote a note to herself, to remind her that she had worn the ‘office’ suit and would therefore have to bring in another to replace it.

At five to seven, Luna was sinking into a deep tub of warm soapy water, a glass of wine in one hand and a Poirot book in the other. She was determined that she was going to clear her mind of all thoughts of Blaise Zabini and his soul-searing kisses.

Over an hour later she was just getting to the good bit of the book, the water had started to cool, her glass of wine was empty, but she didn’t want to get out of the bath to get herself the bottle that was cold in the fridge (for some strange reason she had never been able to magick the fridge to do anything other than what it had been built for – keeping food cold). She turned the hot tap on with one foot while using the other to pull the plug out and then sank back to enjoy the sensation of the hot water hitting her cooling legs, quickly warming them up. Then the doorbell rang…

5 thoughts on “Again with the story!

    1. I had been putting off posting, but then I had a second wind this afternoon and got the whole of the chapter proofed and finished…glad it caught you on a day when you needed, not so glad that there was a day bad enough that you needed it 😦


    1. Re: Sigh

      Glad you enjoyed. I like to think that when a story is written relatively well it cheers up (or moves) the reader…if it didn’t there wouldn’t be much point in it.


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