Sunday evening blues

I had a very quiet, uneventful weekend. I tried a little writing, but nothing was coming. I listened to a little bit of music, but even my extensive music collection seemed uninteresting, and I even went as far as going through old movies on VHS to see if anything was worth watching – again no luck.

I spent much of the weekend in bed, except for the few hours when I had my nephew and we went to see Jim Carrey’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (I can’t say that it was truly my cup of tea, but it was okay as kid’s films go).

On another more serious note, my mum was admitted to hospital today. She had been complaining of problems breathing, but my mum – being her normal stubborn self – had decided that she wanted to stay at home as long as she could. Now she is on a ward that she has several times tried to leave, being treated by people she claims she doesn’t like (it’s quite funny in a strange way when she gets on her “I don’t like this” hobby horse and starts to threaten nurses with the “I’m leaving if you come near me” lines).

My nan is going to drive her nuts in a few days. She has been on at me all afternoon to call the hospital as her daughter…but they aren’t going to tell me anything when they know nothing, and they aren’t going to know anything until tomorrow. She (my nan) has already called my brother and told him to call the hospital, and then she called my sister too. Oh well, eventually she will get the message I hope.

6 thoughts on “Sunday evening blues

      1. Yep, I think that this is probably the best idea…if we aren’t all comic relief then someone would have to be the downer, and that just won’t do!


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