Had to laugh

I really had to giggle today when we got the paper and it told us what was on tv over the weekend. I must have not read last week’s Sunday paper supplement properly because today when I read through the TV section I noticed that tomorrow evening they have a Jerry Springer weekend. A couple of months ago I went with some friends to London and we saw Jerry Springer the Opera, this show has given the complainers something to fuss about, it has over 8,000 swear words in it, more than anything they have ever shown on screen before over here, and they are showing it unedited.

Well, that just made me laugh, the fact that they are showing something that in a way shocked even me – and I am not easily shocked – on television in a country where in some films they have been known to edit out the word crap.

2 thoughts on “Had to laugh

    1. Perhaps you should be, although you have little shame, so maybe shock isn’t in your dictionary 😀

      Also I think that the fact I know the ‘devil’ as a plastic surgeon on TV makes for a bit of surprise!


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